Sahemi the Emissary


A male halfling of not quite middle age with shoulder length dark hair and brown eyes. He dresses simply in green and earth tones. He bears the Mark of Healing on his right arm covering most of the bicep and shoulder, stretching onto his back and chest.
Extremely patient and a kind teacher who is always willing to share his beliefs with anyone who is interested in learning about them.


Sahemi was one of House Jorasco’s brightest young healers when he was called to tend to the flood of refugees and wounded fleeing what was once Cyre on the Day of Mourning. Dealing with that crisis changed him somehow. and one night he starled walking northwest, disappcaring into the wilds of southern Thrane.
After a two year absence. Sahemi returned to tell House Jorasco that the Mark of Healing should
be used not just to heal people, but to heal the land as well. Using druidic knowledge he learned in the
Eldeen Reaches, Sahemi has started tralining young members of House Jorasco in the ways of the druids and shamans there. Eventually, Sahemi wants to find a way to ritually cleanse the Mournland and make it habitable again. He has not yet learned the entire ritual, but every night he gains another piece of the information while he dreams. A charismatic speaker, Sahemi is somethlng of a polarizing figure within House Jorasco. Many of the elders distrust him, but Sahemi’s expansive view of what the Mark of Healing is capable or appeals to younger Jorasco heirs.

Sahemi the Emissary

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