Homeland to a gnome culture that predates the rise of Galifar, Zilargo appears to be a land of plenty, of peace and prosperity, and of lush farms and wellordered cities. Those who observe Zilargo’s laws never have reason to see it as anything else. But enemies of Zilargo find their secrets exposed and their plans countered before they’re executed. And individuals who break the peace or incite unrest vanish swiftly and completely.
Zilargo is ruled by a council of representatives from all its major cities rather than by a single sovereign. It has maintained its independence over the years through diplomacy and, on occasion, the judicious use of blackmail instead of through military might. The gnomes here are experts in all matters arcaneand alchemical, and Zilargo boasts perhaps the greatest intelligence and spy network in Eberron. Even though other nations could probably conquer Zilargo, the cost in information spread to its enemies and arcane secrets lost would far outweigh any benefit.
Gnome alchemical creations, magic items, and elemental-bound vessels are in demand across Khorvaire.
Unofficially, gnomes and Zil organizations also make money by providing intelligence gathering services to outside powers.
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Regional Features

Zilargo is a beautiful nation; its buildings are fantastic meldings of wood and stone, built to offer comfort to both gnomes and larger creatures like humans and elves. Even the smallest villages are bright and bedecked with minor magic.
Korranberg: The City of Knowledge is the ances tral home of House Sivis and a repository of lore and texts from across Khorvaire and throughout history. It’s said that, i f one knew how to find it, one could learn anything here. This city is also the home of the Korranberg Chronicle, the most reliable newssheet in Khorvaire.
The Library of Korranberg: Occupying nearly a quarter of Korranberg, the library consists of enormous underground vaults of lore and a college almost as prestigious as Wynarn University.
The Street of a Hundred Temples: This district of Korranberg boasts more temples than any other
city in Khorvaire, and it includes shrines to every imaginable religion.
Trolanport: The center of the Zil shipbuilding trade, Trolanport is also Zilargo’s capital and contains the tower of the Triumvirate, the nation’s ruling council. It is said that the goods in Trolanport’s markets are as many and as varied as the lore in Korranberg’s library, and Houses Lyrandar, Cannith, and Kundarak all have major enclaves here.
Zolanberg: The smallest of Zilargo’s three major cities, Zolanberg maintains its wealth and power by mining the rich veins of ore and gems in the Seawall Mountains. It is the most martial of gnome cities because its people most frequently repel kobold raids from the Seawall Mountains.

People of Zilargo

Zilargo is known as the gnome homeland, and gnomes make up well over half the population. Other significant populations include humans and dwarves and smaller numbers of kobolds and eladrin.
Although the gnomes are more determined and devious in their thirst for knowledge and local intrigues, most who dwell here develop something of a taste for secrets and manipulations. Gnomish styles favor long coats or cloaks and heavy boots, all in bright colors that would be considered garish in other cultures.
Zilargo has no predominant religion; the people of this nation are free to worship whatever pantheons they prefer. Members of all major faiths—including the Blood of Vol, the Dark Six, and Khyber cults -practice without persecution (as long as they don’t disturb the peace).


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