The only true elven nation in Khorvaire, Valenar is also one of the youngest. Inhabited by a warrior people with no desire to maintain any connection with their homeland, Valenar is in a state of constant conflict with its neighbors. Valenar might be the spark that ignites the next war.
The region now known as Valenar was once claimed by Cyre. A number of Aerenal elves who came to
Khorvaire as mercenaries to fight in the Last War staked a claim to the territory as the conflict progressed. These elves are more martial in nature than their comrades who worship the Undying Court, and they want little more from life than the opportunity for glorious bloodshed.
The elves of Valenar are divided into warclans. Some clans serve as mercenaries for other nations,
and others practice and spar constantly with one another across Valenar. Still others wander the wilds in search of glorious battle—and they chafe that the close of hostilities of the Last War has made their sport that much more difficult. High King Vadallia, who led a contingent of elves in Khorvaire during the LastWar, rules the nation, but Valenar remains primarily a collection of warclans. The elves have little desire to establish extensive bodies of laws or any cultural identity beyond their religious and martial activities.
Valenar is well known for the magnificent warhorses bred, trained, and ridden into battle by the
elves. Originally brought from Aerenal, this breed of warhorse is the envy of all Khorvaire, and the elves take great precautions to ensure that no breeding stock leaves their borders.
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Regional Features

Warclans of Valenar dwell in temporary camps, setting up wherever their maneuvers take them. The
majority of Valenar’s permanent settlements are farming communities or strategically placed keeps in which the elves can take shelter if attacked.
Peasants’ Market: The single largest market in Valenar is the Peasants’ Market, located within Taer Valaestas. This is the best place in the nation to buy goods from anywhere in Khorvaire. While the elves themselves rarely engage in such mundane activities as shopping at a market, the human and half-elf inhabitants of Valenar frequently visit the market on behalf of their feudal lords.
The Royal Palace: The home of High King Vadallia, this building in Taer Valaestas is the largest permanent structure in Valenar. Despite its size, the Royal Palace is a military keep first and foremost.
Taer Valaestas: A walled community built with military precision, Taer Valaestas was constructed because the elves of Valenar recognized that a nation requires a capital city.
The Temple of the Ages: The center of Valenar religion, the Temple serves as a place of worship and training for the Keepers of the Past, the priests of the Spirits of the Past.
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People of Valenar

A number of humans, half-elves, halflings, and hobgoblins remain in Valenar from the days before elven rule. The elves, however, who number nearly half the total population, consider themselves the only true citizens. Members of all other races are peasants and serfs who primarily perform the farming, physical labor, and administrative duties with which the elves cannot be bothered. As a military people, Valenar’s citizens have little interest in the arts, in fashion, or
in architecture that serves no military purpose. Battle dress and fancy dress are one and the same, and decoration consists of trophies won from foes or passed down through the generations.
Valenar’s elves worship the spirits of their ancestors—particularly great warriors or champions
of the people. A few cling to the beliefs of the Undying Court, albeit with a heavier focus on specific past heroes. The elves don’t care who or what Valenar’s other inhabitants worship, as long as they’re quiet about it.
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