The center of the remaining Five Nations and the heart of the Silver Flame, Thrane has a heightened sense of its own importance. A major military and economic power in the region, Thrane’s theocratic government is ostensibly devoted to stamping out evil and making life better for all. However, privileges of power can sometimes lead to arrogance and corruption. Still, Thrane’s people aspire to lead virtuous lives, and Thrane could potentially become the brightest light in a darkened world.
Thrane is ruled, spiritually and temporally, by the Church of the Silver Flame. The Keeper and the Council of Cardinals make all political decisions; Queen Diani ir’Wynarn holds a purely symbolic position. This arrangement began when the Church stepped in to take the reins of power from Prince Daslin early in the Last War. Although Thrane is primarily known as a religious center, it has traditions of archery that served the kingdom well during the war. Many Thranes learn to use the bow, and Thrane’s soldiers are renowned for their deadly accuracy.
Thrane’s primary liability is its inability to support itself. It exports textiles, wool, and livestock, but having suffered deep losses in peasant levies during the war, it has insufficient manpower to produce staple grains. Thus, even those factions of the Church who would prefer a more isolationist stance for their nation reluctantly acknowledge that they must continue
to interact with their neighbors.
Those interactions have been strained since the end of the war. In addition to the normal distrust felt on all sides, the common folk of other nations view the Church of the Silver Flame as an oppressive institution that seeks to convert others by force. However, this view exaggerates the situation; only a small faction of the Church engages in such practices, and other religions are tolerated within Thrane proper. Nevertheless, this opinion spreads wider, as tales of the Church’s intolerant few outweigh the words and deeds of the more moderate.
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Regional Features

Thrane’s largest communities are clustered in the east, with the western reaches of the kingdom largely given over to ranching and new efforts at expanding the nation’s available farmland. The upper class of the nation is mostly composed of a priestly caste and its allies; a growing middle class stands between them and the poor who work the land.
Aruldusk: This rapidly growing city on the lightning rail was, through sheer luck or divine intervention, spared the worst of the ravages of the Last War. As such, it is a highly prosperous community and considered blessed by adherents of the Silver Flame.
Daskaran: Once a major trading center, Daskaran was damaged hundreds of years ago by a major fire and has never truly recovered. Thrane has put little effort into rebuilding it.
Flamekeep: Both the spiritual and political seat of power, Flamekeep houses the largest population of any city in Thrane. It hosts the Cathedral of the Silver Flame, the holiest site in the faith—pilgrims come from all over Khorvaire in hopes of gaining admittance. In addition to the holy sanctuary, the Cathedral includes the offices and apartments of the Keeper of the Flame and the Council of Cardinals, as well as a full garrison of soldiers.
Shadukar: Shadukar was a thriving city until Karrn’s foot soldiers reduced it to a burned-out ruin. Karrnath’s Cyran allies crossed the sound on soarwood skiffs to hammer the city’s defenses while the Karrns attacked.
Sigilstar: Sigilstar is the home of the largest community of mages in this largely divine-magic-focused nation. The presence of the mages, in addition to the city’s position at the convergence of several major caravan routes, the lightning rail, and the Thrane River,have allowed Sigilstar to grow swiftly from a minor community into a trading center that might soon rival Aruldusk.
Thalingard: This great fortress, standing near the Cathedral of the Silver Flame in Flamekeep, is the ancestral home of Thrane’s royal family.
Thaliost: An Aundairian city captured during the Last War and ceded to Thrane formally at Thronehold, Thaliost is a hotbed of trouble. The people frequently protest Thrane rule, and the response of the city’s governor, Archbishop Solhar Dariznu, has been to crack down with ever more savagery.

People of Thrane

Because the religion of the Silver Flame appeals primarily to humans, Thrane is the only one of the Five Nations in which humans are predominant. Half-elves, elves, and dwarves reside in Thrane in small numbers, and other races can be found individually here and there, but an overwhelming number of Thrane’s inhabitants are human.
Even though the Silver Flame is dominant in Thrane, the Church does not forbid other religious
practices. Temples to the Sovereign Host are not uncommon, and other good-aligned faiths, such
as the Path of Light or the occasional druidic sect, appear as well. While not widely embraced in
Thrane, the Blood of Vol is tolerated. However, permitting these other faiths is not the same as
fully accepting them. Some regions of Thrane are cosmopolitan in this regard, but others are not so open-minded, and practitioners of alternative faiths often find themselves persecuted by their neighbors. Other religions, such as worship of the Dark Six, are squelched upon discovery.
Thrane fashion is somewhat ascetic. Even though they don’t focus on dark hues to the extent that the Karrns do, Thranes favor simple, utilitarian garb in relatively muted colors. Followers of the Flame wear a symbol of their faith openly, somewhere on their person.


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