The Lhazaar Principalities

Lhazaar is either a wretched nation of pirates, outlaws, murderers, and brawlers, or the home of the world’s best mariners and richest seagoing merchants, depending on who you ask—or, for that matter, where you’re standing. Consisting of a tiny strip of Khorvaire proper and a vast archipelago, the Lhazaar Principalities stand at the edge of civilization, and of
civilized law.
The Lhazaar Principalities are not a fully unified nation but are instead a series of territories, each ruled by a so-called sea prince. The region remained largely untouched during the Last War. Individual sea princes allied with various nations, but the violence rarely reached them directly, and this status made the Principalities a favored haven for outlaws and deserters. The Principalities struggle to be accepted as legitimate trading partners today because they have been unsuccessful in shaking their rambunctious and violent reputation and in driving the
pirates from their midst.
Laws and statutes vary dramatically between different provinces of Lhazaar, making violence or
arrest a distinct possibility over even minor misunderstandings, but masters of the region’s intricacies can move about freely. Such folk make a solid living here, either through trade or through other, illegitimate enterprises.
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Regional Features

The various communities on the islands of the archipelago come and go; one village springs up even as another is abandoned. No map or catalog contains them all, but the Principalities’ major sites and features include the following.
Dreadhold: The most infamous prison in all of Khorvaire, Dreadhold contains criminals from across the Five Nations. It stands on a tiny island just beyond the tip of Cape Far.
The Gray Tide: A rolling gray mist cloaks the waters surrounding the Isle of Lastpoint. This haze clings to wood, flesh, and sail, and it chills the bone and shivers the soul. No one has ever explored the center of the mists, but travelers who pass near it report strange noises and vile, stench-laden winds.
The Pirate Exchange: Despite the name, the Pirate Exchange is no criminal gathering; it is the
largest legitimate market in this region of Khorvaire. Located in Regalport, it is the best place to purchase any local good imaginable, as well as wonders from Sarlona and even Argonnessen.
Port Krez: One of the true pirate havens of the Principalities, violent and vice-riddled Port Krez sits on the outermost edge of the region, staring out over the empty sea. Pirate fleets launch their attacks from here, knowing that no outside law can touch them.
Port Verge: The seat of power for one of the sea princes, Port Verge is not yet a major trading center. But Port Verge is on the brink of becoming a power to rival Regalport; Nobles and merchants are pouring more money into the Port, and its ambitious prince continues to make deals with House Lyrandar (which hopes to cut into House Thuranni’s dominance in the region).
Regalport: The capital of the Lhazaar Principalities (insomuch as its inhabitants acknowledge one) and home to High Prince Ryger, Regalport is everything a rich and relatively law-abiding seaport should be. The courts are fair, the watch is more or less honest, and pirates find it easier to bother other cities.
Tempest Isle: A mountainous island covered in perpetual storms, Tempest Isle is said to hold the hidden treasures of whole generations of pirates. Still, given that no one knows what causes the storms and that few who go there ever return, not many adventurers are inclined to search for those treasures.

People of the Lhazaar Principalities

The human majority of Lhazaar is joined by a substantial population of gnomes, half-elves, and doppelgangers. Smaller but still notable numbers of elves, dwarves, halflings, and dragonborn round out the populace, standing out but fully accepted for the various strengths and skills they have to offer.
The styles of the Lhazaar Principalities vary from isle to isle, but they tend toward the stereotypical “mariner” look. Long coats and plumed hats are favored, as are loose pants and tunics for ease of mobility; the rich wear high boots, and the working class tend toward simple sandals or bare feet. Bright or rich colors are in style, partly to show that one can afford the dyes and partly because they show up better than dark colors if one falls overboard.
Most Lhazaarites have little time for religion. Religious followers tend toward worship of the Sovereign Host, particularly Kol Korran, with the occasional prayer to propitiate the Devourer thrown in for good measure. A rare few worship the Blood of Vol, although the majority of Lhazaarites fear that faith and its strange practices.

The Lhazaar Principalities

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