The Eldeen Reaches

A largely untamed region, the Eldeen Reaches is home to both simple farmers, practitioners of the
most primal magic, friendly villagers, and savage tribes. It is a fountain of life, a land where nature, unchecked by the walls of civilization, spreads in all its beautiful—and terrible—glory.
Aundair once claimed much of the Reaches. During the Last War, when Aundair moved its forces farther east and left this region unprotected, the people suffered great depredation at the hands of bandits. The druidic Wardens of the Wood eventually stepped forth to protect the people, and the Reachers angrily proclaimed their independence from Aundair. Today,Thronehold recognizes the Eldeen Reaches as an independent land, although many Aundairians seek to reclaim the territory.
The druids have been the greatest power in the Eldeen Reaches for hundreds of generations. They
stand guard against natural threats and warring factions, as well as a vast array of aberrant horrors that lurk in the depths of Eldeen’s woods, spawned by ancient horrors imprisoned there since time immemorial.
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Regional Features

The eastern Reaches look similar to western Aundair, with wide expanses of farmland and small, clustered communities. Farther west, towns are uncommon, the roads fade away, and Eberron’s forests replace open fields.
The Gloaming: A semimythical region in the midst of the Towering Wood, the Gloaming is a
region where nature revels in its ugliness. Sickened trees droop over parasite-infested soil, and diseaseladen biting insects fill the air with droning. Some believe that the Gloaming formed around a manifest zone linked to a corrupted plane.
Greenheart: The center of government of the Eldeen Reaches, Greenheart is also the seat of power of the Wardens of the Wood, the most potent and best loved of Eldeen’s druidic sects. The city’s population swells during religious ceremonies, and although the druids allow no trade with outsiders within the town’s borders, they happily provide room and board to merchants who conduct business elsewhere in the Eldeen Reaches.
The Towering Wood: The largest forest in all of Khorvaire, the Towering Wood occupies over half of the Eldeen Reaches, covering its entire western side. Everyone knows that the Towering Wood is home to beautiful, mischievous fey, various predators, and ancient horrors from a bygone age.
The Twilight Demesne: This large sylvan grove is sacred to both fey and druids. Fey gather here to pay homage to the court of Shae Loralyndar and for a wide variety of ceremonies.
Varna: Varna is the trading center of the Eldeen Reaches and the doorway to Aundair. Merchants
travel here to sell and purchase goods, including raw materials from the woods and exotic creatures such as magebred animals and hippogriffs. Much of this business occurs through the town’s House Vadalis enclave. House Vadalis and the Wardens of the Woods cooperate in the effort to rid the town and its surroundings of poachers.

People of the Eldeen Reaches

Humans make up less than half of all Reachers, and the majority of those are descended from Aundairian citizens, although some can trace their ancestry back to the original Sarlonan immigrants. Half-elves and shifters each make up a significant minority, followed by gnomes, halflings, half-ores, orcs, and elves. The druidic sects are made up of orcs and Sarlonan-descended humans, although other races appear in their ranks from time to time. A few particularly wealthy Reachers dress in old Aundairian fashions, but the majority dress in heavy wools, fabrics, and leathers—whatever serves them best in their daily labors.
Western Eldeen is the domain of the druidic faiths, although the Wardens do not prevent citizens
from following other religions. Near the Aundair border, worship of the Sovereign Host is common.

The Eldeen Reaches

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