Talenta Plains

An enormous stretch of pristine grasslands and rolling hills that fade slowly into the wastes of the Blade Desert, the Talenta Plains remain largely untouched by the spread of civilization. Although military trains and the lightning rail wend their way across the grasses, the bulk of the nation remains as it was since before the empire of Galifar was born.
Although recognized as a sovereign nation by the Treaty of Thronehold, the Talenta Plains lack any sort of traditional governing body. The halflings of the region live as they have for thousands of years—in small nomadic clans, traveling about the grasslands as they hunt, gather, trade, and occasionally skirmish with one another. A chieftain called a lath, who is elected by every adult member of the family, leads each tribe. Other than the lath, adult members of a tribe are considered equals.
The tribes wander fixed ranges, settling on occasion in tent villages for a few weeks before moving on. Each of the clans keeps herds of dinosaurs as mounts, beasts of burden, and food animals. The bond between a halfling and her dinosaur mount or companion is a sacred one, and the tribesfolk consider the dinosaurs invaluable parts of their families.
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Regional Features

With the exception of Gatherhold, the Talenta Plains boast no permanent settlements. Halfling tribal villages move with the seasons or with wandering game, and although treaty permits Karrnath to keep fortresses along the borders, even those settlements move at least once every few years.
The Boneyard: The halflings consider this region of the Blade Desert to be cursed, and they prevent all entities that are not draconic from entering. The region is replete with dragon bones, jutting like dying trees from the desolate earth.
Gatherhold: Built along the coast of Lake Cyre, Gatherhold is the largest Talenta community, but its population is modest at best. The Tribal Council meets at least three times a year to decide matters that affect all Talentan clans, and during these times the city’s population swells to several thousand. Gatherhold is also the heart of House Ghallanda, whichkeeps several hundred members here even between council gatherings.
Krezent: Perhaps the only surviving structure on the face of Eberron constructed by the ancient
couatls, Krezent has since been claimed and occupied by a tribe of yuan-ti.
The Wandering Inn: An enormous traveling fair and market, the Wandering Inn is House Ghallanda’s means of providing services and news to the roving halfling tribes. Its brightly hued tents appear overnight, ripple in the breeze for a few days, and then vanish as swiftly as they appeared.
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People of the Talenta Plains

The Talenta tribes are all halflings, and although halflings dwell elsewhere on the continent, the greater portion of them live here, just as their ancestors have done for millennia. Humans, changelings, and dwarves comprise the majority of Talenta’s nonhalfling population, found primarily in Gatherhold and the Karrn garrisons.
Halfling tribes make no concerted effort at unified styles of dress, cuisine, or adornment, but the lifestyle of the plains tends to make them look alike. Tribe members prefer outfits made of furs and leathers, with a thickness and degree of ruggedness dependent entirely on the season and the tribe’s territory. Decoration tends to take the form of small, multicolored beads, intricate knots, and dyed furs.
Tribes combine animal spirit and ancestor worship with a reverence for Balinor of the Sovereign Host in his aspect of god of beasts and the hunt.

Talenta Plains

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