Magic Item Availability

The availability of buying magic items in Eberron goes something like this;

Minor Magic Items

Minor magic items, or common magic items, as listed in the DMG or Pathfinder Core Rulebook, are readily availible for purchase in any city large enough to support that level of economy, ( Sharn, any capitol city like Wroat or Flamekeep, etc) or in any Cannith Forgehold or embassy. They are likely to be already made and available (80 to 90% chance or so). If not available it will be easy to craft in a few days at no extra cost. Artificers and magewrights make the world go ’round.

Medium Magic Items

Medium magic ites, or uncommon magic items, are nowhere near as readily available. These often require a schema for a Cannith trained artificer or magewright to craft or require some exotic materials, (darkwood, livewood, adamantine, mithral, rare gems of precise cuts, etc) or even going to a highly trained and specialized craftsman to have it made. It is unlikely that you will find the item just lying around in a market, even in Sharn, but not impossible (20 to 30% chance) that there will be one available. Though making a request of House Cannith will probably be the best way to get something done. Still very possible to find in ancient ruins like those found on Xen’drick or the ruins of the Dhakaani Empire.

Major Magic Items

Major magic items, or rare magic items, are next to impossible that you are going to be find them in any market (2 to 5% chance). House Cannith will be able to make them for you but will require you to provide the more exotic materials and schemas yourself. Your more likely to find these items adventuring in ancient ruins like those found on Xen’drick or the ruins of the Dhakaani Empire or even seeking them out on other planes.

Magic Item Availability

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