Heroes with no Homeland

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Character Building Info

The characters are all be from the nation of Cyre. They will all have fought for the Cyran army in the Last War. There is a place for every class in the various armies of the Last War.
The game will begin with a prologue/flashback to the events on 20 Olarune 994 YK at the Battle of Saerun Road. “The Cyran defenders are outnumbered against attackers from Thrane and Breland who are reinforced by Zil wands, Valenar cavalry and a handful of Aundairian soldiers. Mercenary forces recruited from all nations (including monstrous forces from Droaam and goblins from Darguun) are present at the battle, fighting on either side.”
The actual game begins four years after, the flashback adventure, on 20 Olarune 998 YK, in Sharn, the City of Towers.

Changing systems

Changing the system I’m using from 4e back to 3.5. I am considering using the Skill system from Pathfinder. It’s 3.5 Edition but with a few tweaks.
Just an update.

getting started

Okay so finalization of system is Pathfinder. We will finalize characters on Friday, June 1st, and get started.
See you then.

airships Pictures, Images and Photos

Prologue Part 1

20 Olarune 994 YK

The PCs were brought together by Capt. ir’Koristo who was told by one of his advisers that they would be ideal for this mission. The PCs were briefed on their mission, one Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden and his aide Aric had been captured by a pair of Dolgrim and taken to a ruined tower a few miles East-Northeast of where the day’s battle was going to take place. Once they gathered their gear they marched for the ruined tower.
Once at the ruined tower the party decided to go to the damaged opening in the side of the tower to investigate. They found and quickly dispatched the Kruthik and took care of the Dolgrim that had chained down Aric to the Prophecy Mark. They freed Lord Major ir’Gadden and the nearly comatose Aric Blacktree. Ir’Gadden while, injured, tried to convince the party to take him back to the Brelish army as opposed to being a captive of the Cyran army. For the most part the party refused his terms, 200 gp each if they returned him to the Brelish army. Rune most of all stayed true to her orders.
They observed the Prophecy Mark and learned, “Five at rhe brink of Ihe desolation stand as one against the tempest’s roar.”
When the party left the ruined tower with their captives the party saw strange lights in the graying sky. They were confronted by zombies and members of the Order of the Emerald Claw. The woman, who seemed to be leading the group demanded that “They turn over the half-elf.”

Prologue Part 2

20 Olarune 994 YK

Bren ir’Gadden refused to be handed over, “There will be no handing over the half-elf, you hag!”
A fight, inevitably occurred. The PCs handled the zombies and Emerald Claw agents quite well, even though there were a couple of snags. Rune lost her warhammer but crushed zombies easily enough with her fist. Tayla scythed limbs and heads from the zombies with her sharrash. Syn fired numerous blasts of energy that looked like the night sky, deep black with silvery sparkles. Rose held up toe to toe with one of the Emerald Claw. Relic got a few good shots in but this was not her day.
During this time strange events occurred in the direction of Cyre.
The Mourning occurred blanketing the entire country of Cyre in fire, horror, death and dead-gray mists.
Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden offered the party safe passage into Breland and a place in the army if they wanted. Relic and Rune became part of the army. Rose went to provide aid to Cyran Refugees escaping the catastrophe that occurred. Tayla d’Jorasco and Snap, her clawtooth mount, continued to protect the healers of House Jorasco. Sin continued to do anything that would earn her coin.

In 996 YK, The Treaty of Thronehold officially ends the Last War. The treaty officially recognizes the nations of Aundair, Breland, Thrane, Karrnath, the Talenta Plains, Zilargo, Q’barra, the Lhazar Principalities, the Mror Holds, the Eldeen Reaches, Darguun and Valenar. House Cannith was ordered to destroy all creation forges; the remaining warforged are granted the rights of sentient beings.

Anniversary Attack

Farday 20 Olarune 998 YK

Sharn Inquisitve

Sarday 21 Olarune 998 YK
pg. 2
The annual commemoration of the millions lost on the Day of Mourning by Lord Bren ir’Gadden was interrupted by what witnesses describe as a physical manifestation the Mourning itself.
Ir’Gadden had commissioned a statue in honor of the lives lost to the Five Nations that was to be revealed at the commemoration to various honorable guests from the Five Nations and primarily those guest from Cyre. During the speech, witness accounts report, that a creature wrapped in Dead-Gray Mist charged in attacking the guests. Four brave souls moved to defend the guests and its host Lord ir’Gadden; a moderately sized warforged, a Talenta halfling and two human women. One displaying uncanny balance and discharging some arcane force. While the other wore a long leather coat and carried a crossbow while ordering the guests to get to safety.
As the heroes engaged the monstrosity, waves of dead-gray mist rolled off of it slaying several guests and causing the warforged there to scream in horror. The Talenta halfling took down the beast with a tremendous swipe of here talenta scythe-weapon, a sharrash. The creature died with a final, more powerful wave of dead-gray mist.
Witnesses report that the creature looked like a very large white furred ape with four curling demonic horns. This monster dissipated into wisps of the same dead-gray mist. Apparently the surviving guests were so pleased to not have died that they practically threw coins at the four heroes.
Additional witness reports indicate that the heroes were contracted to look into the cause of the attack by Lord ir’Gadden.
Continued on pg. 4.”

The PCs; Relic, Rose, Syn, and Tayla began to search for clues that might lead them to the cause of the attack. Noting the missing Aric Blacktree right away, (was he behind the attack or was he turned into the monster). Finding hair in the hallway and stairwells of the tower indicated the creature came up the tower to get at the guests. Reports from people in the tower said they heard strange whispers in the halls and stairwells. Coming out of the Tower in the Lower levels the PCs find that there are large numbers of people wandering the three skybridges that the creature could have used to get to the tower.
Sin suggests that they head to the Morgrave University to try and find some further information. They ask about an expert on the Draconic Prophecy and are directed to the office of Byron Sumpter. He is very interested in Relic’s sketch of the Prophecy Mark from the ruined tower four years ago and the pieces of white fur from the creature. He goes through some books that have drawings related to known creatures of the Mournland. They find the creature that attacked them at the commemoration, a Mourn Haunt. With this information they return to their questioning.
In the lower wards they learn that Aric was seen with an escort of goblins going into a townhouse in Dalannan Tower.
At the townhouse the group infiltrates the house, quickly taking down two of the goblins there and charming a third, they disposed the fourth goblin quickly. A loud hum fills the house with growing intensity. Sin disguised herself as Aric and bluffed them past the half-orc and shifter guards. The charmed goblin lead them up to the second floor where the humming was coming from.
Dark lightning crackles around a bizarre assemblage of tubes, brass orbs, embedded gemstones, dry bones, and formless stone that stands just inside the door. A hideous eyeless monster that might have been a natural human or hobgoblin stands near the machine, running it’s hands and two long tentacles over the surface with an air of frantic desperation. You can see similar machines down two hallways, each one attended by a rough looking male human.
The group attacked the eyeless Dolgaunt and took apart the eldritch machine, but not before being struck repeatedly by arcing lightning from the eldritch machine. One particular shot from Rose’s crossbow damaged the machine causing the hum to become more and more irregular and grow in intensity faster. After sustaining some serious injuries the party sent a letter to Lord ir’Gadden alerting him to what had happened with the machine and then received healing at a House Jorasco healing house. After returning, they find that Relic has dismantled the machine and the group has questioned several more residents of Sharn and discovered that Aric left the townhouse around an hour before the group arrived. The runner that they sent to ir’Gadden returns with a short letter requesting they return to his estate. So, tired and beaten and healed they take a skycoach and travel in style to the estate. This did not go as planned.

Sharn Inquisitve

Sarday 21 Olarune 998 YK
pg. 4 Continued from pg. 2
Later on in the day quite the commotion in Sharn’s fair skylanes that turned out to be a continuation of this mornings events.
Accounts vary on numbers, but witnesses agree that a number of goblins being led by a man who matches the description of one of Lord ir’Gadden’s guests at his commemoration. The battle that took place was quite the sight. The goblins let loose arrows to take down the heroes aboard the skycoach while the heroes fired back. Quickly the halfling commandeered one of the soarsleds early on and took the fight right to the goblins.
Witness, reports indicate that the leader of the attack, one Aric Blacktree, fell from his soarsled when it broke apart from the damage it suffered in the battle. Aric is believed to have died from the fall, though no body was located.
Skycoach pilot Albern Cott, preformed his own heroic act bandaging one of the heroes who fell to a serious arrow wound to her side.
Lord ir’Gadden’s secretary, Chayner Randon released a statement to the Sharn Inquisitve in response to the day’s events. ‘Aric Blacktree suffered greatly right before and on the Day of Mourning. These events caused him serious mental trauma that he never really recovered from, apparently. Lord ir’Gadden did what he could for his former aide, even going so far as to personally paying for his care at a Jorasco Healing House for over two years. While House Jorasco deemed him fit and recovered it appears to have been a ruse. For some reason, that remains unknown, Aric Blacktree holds some grudge against Lord ir’Gadden and set in motion a plan to try and ruin him, if not kill him. We believe that there is a good chance he escaped when he fell. If encountered by any member of the public his whereabouts should be reported to the nearest Sharn Watch constable.’
No details were given about what discoveries of his plans that may have been found and ir’Gadden’s secretary did not include the names of the heroes of the day.

Tasheth Ramnen Dacaka

Blood-drained Murders in Lower Dura (part 1)

23 Olarune 998 YK
Rose Boreal receives a message from an old acquaintance via a House Orien courier. The letter is a request for help from a Cyran refugee, Nyss Mulvane, she helped a little over a year ago. When Rose arrived at the Mulvane apartment in the Callestan district of Lower Dura she learned what the problem was.
There have been a series of attacks in the districts of Fallen, Foundation, and the Stores where the victims are brutally beaten and drained of most of their blood, along with no blood found on the scene. While the majority died from their wounds a few were found in time to save them from immediate death. Whether they survived after their initial healing treatment is unknown. Nyss’ husband Aleo was a victim of these attacks. Aleo is currently being treated at the Jorasco Healing House in Middle Dura, at the corner of the Bazaar, Stormhold and Underlook districts.
The attending healer told Rose the wounds looked like the man had received a serious beating that seemed to indicate multiple attackers wielding spike covered bludgeons, (morningstars?).
Rose sent a message to Sin, hoping to make use of any contacts the enigmatic half-elf might have. Sin sent messages to the other two, recently reacquainted, companions for their help. AFter meeting up at the shop that Relic, boringly spends her time, they sought out Rose’s apartment. Rose filled in the party of what was going on, and how little the Watch was doing in these districts. They continued to seek more information on the victims.
Tayla’s presence got them to speak with a higher up at the Jorasco Healing House, Ygrette d’Jorasco. Who informed them that there were no signs of drugs used in the victims to subdue them. The victims were taken by surprise and the wounds that were used to drain the blood were three halfling thumb-sized punctures on the inner thigh. Ygrette d’Jorasco could not reveal the names of the victims that they had treated. Meanwhile, Sin sought out an acquaintance in order to locate one of the survivors. Sin then met up with the rest of the group.
As night fell over the City of Towers, the group wasn’t getting very far in their investigation they began searching the Fallen district. They were directed to the seemingly abandoned Blackstone Church. The ramshackle church was inhabited by a lone priestess, Faela. Who spoke with the party hesitantly and wearily. She wasn’t particularly forth coming with information in regard to these events. The party left unfullfilled.
While heading to to the Foundation District, out of the gloom Rose was assaulted, dropped in one devastating strike, by a 6’ cloaked figure. Sin knocked away the smokestick that the figure dropped and blasted away the dark cloak revealing a blood-red eyed warforged with cold iron tracery and a red and black clawed battlefist. Tayla quickly got Rose out of immediate danger with a use of her dragonmark powers. She then went in to attack the warforged assailant with her Sharrash while Sin moved to a better tactical position up on a statue. After the warforged struck down the Halfling warrior, Sin disguised herself as a formidable looking fey creature and drew its attention to her. When the warforged attacked she managed to trip it over the side of the bridge but as they started to go over the warforged eyes changed to a cool blue and it pleaded, “Help me.” Sin, with a heroic effort, somehow managed hold the immense weight of the warforged by the scraps of cloak that still clung to it, calling for help from Relic. The eyes of the warforged flashed between blood-red and cool blue before the red and black battlefist slashed the cloak and causing it to fall. Crashing into something in the gloom below.
After heading to the Jorasco Healing House to recover from their wounds the group came to the conclusion that this is not as simple as it looked at first. While Rose recieved some additional care for the brutal concussion she suffered, Relic, Sin and Tayla went to locate where the warforged crashed. They found a short abandoned tower in the lower level of Fallen with a warforged size hole going through the roof and a couple of the top floors. Along with flakes of wrought iron on the floor and claw scrapes gouged into the walls.

Blood-drained Murders in Lower Dura (part 2)

23 Olarune 998 YK
After heading to the Jorasco Healing House to recover from their wounds the group came to the conclusion that this is not as simple as it looked at first. While Rose recieved some additional care for the brutal concussion she suffered, Relic, Sin and Tayla went to locate where the warforged crashed. They found a short abandoned tower in the lower level of Fallen with a warforged size hole going through the roof and a couple of the top floors. Along with flakes of wrought iron on the floor and claw scrapes gouged into the walls.
Relic, Sin and Tayla followed the gouges and cold iron flakes through the lower parts of the Fallen and Stores districts. The trail finally led them to a seemingly abandoned warehouse against the outer wall of the tower. The party carefully searched around the warehouse to see if they could find anymore useful clues. They found that the locks and chains on the warehouse had been replaced with new dwarf-forged chains and dwarven-designed locks. Though the chains and locks had been dirtied up the trained eye-crystals of the warforged Artificer, Relic, saw through the weak deception.
Deciding the large bay, sliding, doors would be the best way to enter the warehouse, Relic quickly picked the dwarven-designed locks and removed the chains from the door. The group slipped into the gloom of the abandoned warehouse and quickly found it to be, not so abandoned. A large group of skeletons and zombies were headed toward them. Quickly, Relic, Sin and Tayla retreated from the warehouse noticing something odd. The skeletons slide the heavy, well-oiled door shut. Hastily, Relic replaced the chain and halfway set the lock in place before noting the odd behavior of the undead.
They decided to go and examine the other door but that particular dwarven-designed lock stumped Relic and she just couldn’t get it open. Sin decided that she would slip in and do a little reconnaissance from the upper walls and ceiling, keeping out of the senses of the undead. She found that there were more than the walking dead here, 4 men came out of an unseen door. The light illuminating the men and undead. Three of them wore black tabards with the green hand symbol of the Order of the Emerald Claw the other green trimmed black robes with a symbol of the Blood of Vol. One of the skeletons seemed to report to a robed individual who ordered the undead to take care of the intruders. The undead left the warehouse and the lead skeleton unlocked the chain and the undead went into the street to find the intruders.
Sin alerted Relic and Tayla that something was going on. Tayla saw the undead headed out toward them after seeing a caltrop tossed by Sin get blasted by Sin’s eldritch powers. Taking this as a bad sign Tayla ducked into an open window that lead into a basement workshop while Relic attempted to disguise herself as a broken, thrown-out warforged. In attempting to disguise herself she made to much noise giving herself away and the undead that were searching this part of the road began heading her way. As they passed Tayla’s hiding spot she leapt out with a roar and displayed the ferocity that the halflings of the Talenta Plains are known for.
With a downward slice she cut the zombie in half, spinning the sharrash around she took out one of the skeletons by slicing the spine in half. After dodging a swing of the skeleton’s shortsword Tayla continued her spin and took out the last skeleton in the group. Relic having come out of hiding to help her small friend found that there weren’t any left at the moment. However, the howl of fury from Tayla brought out the three Emerald Claw warriors and brought back the rest of the undead. Tayla and Relic resumed their hiding places.
Sin caught one of the Emerald Claw with an Eldritch Blast as they were leaving the warehouse. Causing the others to take cover on the other side of the doors. What followed was a ten minute waiting game as the undead searched, unsuccessfully for the party.
Deciding they needed to get Rose for some backup, Relic sent Tayla to go get her from the Jorasco Enclave in Dragon Towers. Relic and Sin took up various stakeout positions and mindsets and waited for a little over a couple of hours. Tayla returned with Rose and her Clawfoot, Snap. Meanwhile, Sin was getting bored and started taking pot-shots at the skeletons and zombies. Eventually targeting the skeleton that she knew had the key to the locks. After getting the key she dropped it out of a window where it clinked off of Relic’s head. Unlocking the door, Relic, Rose and Tayla entered into the warehouse where they engaged the remaining undead. The undead were dispatched but not without getting in some good shots of their own, wounding Snap and dropping Tayla with a few sword wounds and a powerful blow to the head from one of the zombies. The two remaining Emerald Claw agents came in and attacked the party. Tayla was healed from the powerful blow and cuts and proceeded to frighten the Emerald Claw warrior after defeating his companion and then chased him down the stairs on Snap, knocking him senseless.
Tying up the unconscious opponent they party followed the tunnel to a spiral staircase leading a couple of floors up. Upon entering the room the were confronted by three more skeletons and three robed men. One of the robed men was also wearing some very nice scale mail armor with his robes. Sitting in the corner, eye-crystals flashing between blue and red was the warforged they were looking for. He appeared to be seriously damaged, most likely from the fall off of the bridge.
Tayla charged through the skeletons on Snap’s back. As Snap overran the skeletons Tayla lept off of his back and swung her sharrash. Like a small grim-reaper Tayla scythed into the leader’s shoulder, cleaving down halfway into his chest. Landing on him, with the Sharrash deeply embedded, she turned and let out a yell of primal fury toward the two lesser priests. They immediately gave up and submitted to being reasonably bound.
The party then proceed to hold down the damaged warforged so Relic could remove the battlefist that seemed to be the source of the problem. Pulling off the stubborn item, it tore off several hand and arm plates of the cold-iron traced warforged, the fist was quickly shoved into a sack and the warforged collapsed. The party questioned the remaining priests only to find out little other than they were following the orders of the half-elven priest Rynar. The priests were taken out of the room and put under the watch of Snap along with the Emerald Claw agent. The warforged regained consciousness and thanked them for removing the battlefist. The party learned that his name is Wrought and that the priest had tricked him into being possessed by the devil, calling itself Hunger, that possesses the red & black battlefist he wore up until recently. Wrought did not know why Rynar wanted the blood, only that it was being kept in the next room. Which turned out to be a cold room, (an enchanted room to help preserve food stuffs usually). The party let Wrought go and after he kicked out the flimsy wooden panel covering the window opening he climbed down and escaped. The party took the two priests of Vol and the Emerald Claw agent to the nearest station of the Sharn Watch. Receiving a bounty of 50 gold gallifars for their trouble.
The party took the possessed battlefist to be exorcised and destroyed to the Cathedral of the Clensing Flame. The elven priestess, Viosen Syrune took charge of the vile, possessed weapon and told the party that she would take it to the Archhierophant immediately for exorcising and destruction.
And after all of that they realized that it was just after the 4th bell of the morning of the 24th of Olarune. Deciding to meet for dinner later in the evening they went back to their various homes for the night to get a well deserved rest.

The Forgotten Forge part 1

Zolday 24 Olarune 998 YK

Around 7th bell, while the her companions were sleeping in their homes, Relic had a visitor at Maidera’s Craftworks. A warforged of very light armoring, in fact none, which indicated it might be designed as some sort of caster, came in for some repairs. The plates covering its body were enamled in a deep green and it seemed to possess a female personality. She needed repairs on a wand compartment built into her right arm. While Relic repaired the mysterious warforged, she talked to Relic about how she was going to waste with toiling away fixing lanterns and such, wasting her potential and skill. Relic did not entirely agree with the mysterious green warforged, and once Relic finished the repairs the mysterious warforged went on her way, saying they would talk again.

Later that evening, just after the 8th bell of the night, the group enjoyed a victory meal at a particularly nice restaurant in Upper Menthis. While everyone enjoyed a fine meal, Tayla stuck to biscuits and water, until Rose bought a meal for the indebted helfling. After the meal they were headed away from the restaurant, through the heavy rain when Rose saw something in a flash of lightning.
A cloaked figure over a body lying in a pool of blood and rain. The mysterious figure vaulted over the railing leaving the dead body clutching something. Rose decided to go investigate while Sin suggested that they just inform the watch. She followed the well-meaning Rose grumbling about would-be heroes.
While investigating the dead body Sin took the leather satchel that the man was carrying and was immediately interested in the leather journal with mithral threading on it. While the rest looked for identification. The dead man turned out to be Provost Bonal Geldem of the School of Pre-Galifar Studies at Morgrave University. While investigating the body Relic was struck violently from behind by the cloaked figure with a cry of “flesh-loving traitor!”

Sharn Inquisitive

Wirday 25 Olarune 998 YK
pg. 6
Evening assassination in the depths of the worst storm of Olarune. Provost Geldem of the School of Pre-Galifar Studies at Morgrave University was found brutally slain on the skybridge between Dalannan Tower and the Kelsa Spire. According to witness accounts there was a battle between a warforged assassin and a group consisting of a warforged, a human female, an elven male and a talenta halfling woman. The battle didn’t last long and by accounts it originally looked like the group was killing someone.
According to Sgt. Dolom, who was first on the scene, the group cooperated with the authorities, though the elven man leaped from the railing apparently not wanting to deal with the authorities. After a quick investigation the group of adventurers were allowed to go on their way.

Tasheth Ramnen Dacaka

Once on their way the party was met by a mysterious cloaked figure that was standing at the mouth of a dark alley. Displaying a ring with the Gorgon mark of House Cannith informed the party that if they wanted to know more about the situation surrounding the death of Bonal Geldem they should head to the Broken Anvil at dawn. Figuring this for a trap, the party still decided to meet up and go to the tavern.
Arriving at the House Ghallanda sponsored tavern they are met by the halfling matron running the place who led them to the back of the common room to meet with Lady Elaydren d’Vown and the long lost warforged sister of Relic, Rune. Lady Elaydren told them of Bonal Geldem and the forgotten Cannith foundry deep down in the depths of Sharn. After a long period of discussion about the whereabouts of this forgotten forge, the party decided to accept working for Lady d’Vown and find this forge. However, they needed a day to prepare for the excursion into the Depths of Sharn.

Wirday 25 Olarune 998 YK

Following the map from the Geldem’s journal the party found their way down to the last inhabited level of Dorasharn Tower. following the narrow, claustrophobic corridors they party found their way to the Rat’s Market. Looking for a way down to the sewers the party started by asking a poor shifter who told them to ask the goblin merchant. The goblin had a number of uninteresting pieces of junk on his blankets but clearly his sharp ears had overheard the party looking for a valve cluster. He demanded 100 sovereigns for his information. Haggling and threats broke out between the party and the goblin merchant. In the end Rune, frustrated at the haggling, just handed over 4 gold gallifars to the goblin who quickly closed up shop, packed up his merchandise and led the party down to the valve cluster. During the haggling the party noticed a shifter with a particular interest in the party that disappeared into the crowd.
Once down into the fragrant sewer the goblin took the rest of his pay and went on his merry way. In the valve cluster the party was jumped by poor looking shifters, one of which they recognized as the shifter watching them in the Rat’s Market. The shifter’s charged and engaged Rune. During the battle Rose learned a valuable lesson regarding electricity and water as she shocking grasped one of the shifters. A warforged assassin struck Relic from the shadows in her side. The attacking shifters tore into Rune and pulled her away from her companions while the warforged struck at the rest of the party. After Rune pulled out of their grasp, Tayla drove a dagger deep into the back of one of the shifters who was than knocked down by a blast of sewage coming from the nearby valve. Rune and Tayla destroyed the fallen shifter as he tried to rise to his feet. Rune struck a staggering blow on the last shifter and Tayla took off his head with her sharrash. The warforged assassin was struck a couple of times by Rose’s claws before taking off up the stairs back to the areas above.


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