Heroes with no Homeland

Lunch at the Edge of the Sky

After returning to Sharn, Sin propositions Rose. She asks if Rose wants her to find out what exactly House Cannith wants with these schema and the creation pattern they found in Whitehearth. Since, they are both in agreement that Lady Elaydren is being rather evasive on what the house’s plans are.
So Sin offers to infiltrate another dragonmarked house. In this case one of the houses that specialize in infiltration, House Thuranni. Agreeing that this is an idea worth merit, Sin heads off to infiltrate the house of assassins, saying “they would be very interested in her”. Additionally, Sin promises to send someone to help Rose while she is gone. Someone who owes her. Rose gives Sin a word for her replacement to say so that she know that Sin sent him or her.
Shortly after Sin’s departure from the party Relic and Rune depart from the group looking for a different path in their lives. Something to help them find their purpose.
A few weeks after that, Lord ir’Gadden summons Rose to discuss the departures. He makes it quite clear that he enjoys having a group of adventurers to call on when there are problems that fall outside of the standard methods. Rose indicates that she is intending on continuing to be in ir’Gadden’s employ. He encourages Rose to find replacements for those who departed.
So shortly after Rose’s discussion with Lord ir’Gadden, she and Tayla head off to the adventurer’s district of Clifftop to find some new recruits. Specifically to the Clifftop Adventurer’s Guild. Where Tayla immediately jumps up on a table and announces that they are looking for people to join them. After that she begins accusing the people in the Adventurer’s Guild of not having the stones for dangerous missions. Without any immediate responses Tayla announced where they could go if they wished to speak with them about joining up. Kicked over a drink or two and hopped off the table.
As Rose and Tayla were leaving a hooded man approached the them about joining up. He introduced himself as Kyrian. After they told him where tryouts would be he left to finish his drink. Next, they were approached by an elven woman, just outside of the guild. She introduced herself as Vivienne and shared that her skills were in stealth. Again, they told her were to go if she was serious about joining.
Later on that evening the tryouts were to show how well the potential party members could hold their own against Tayla. A number of young, stupid, drunk or any and all combinations of the three, showed up to take a stab at it. Showing most didn’t think very highly of the boisterous halfling. She quickly milled out the grist of the applicants. Then came Vivienne’s turn who fought dirty and won. Proving her skills more in deception and stealth than in a straight up fair fight. Against Kyrian she knocked him on his ass and banged him up good. While Kyrian was a competent fighter, his real skills showed when he called upon the Sovereign Host for healing. This act revealed his true and greatest skill, clerical magic. Though Vivienne lost some coin from her bets on the match. After that some more grist for the mill that was Tayla that night. When another came forward.
He called himself Bowen and was asking for Rose. When Rose came forward he said, “Pandorica” to her. This was the codeword that she had given Sin weeks before. Showing he had a few exotic talents of his own, manifesting a greatsword from sheer willpower alone for example, he took a try at the fierce Talenta halfling. Its only fair as everyone else has. He won several times. Which allowed Vivienne to break even on her betting.
So after the various bouts the group went in to the nearest tavern and had a few drinks

Molday 2 Dravago 998 YK
A week or so later, Lord ir’Gadden invites the party up to a nice restaurant called the Edge of the Sky up in the Skyway of Sharn. A fancy place with the most spectacular view. While they are enjoying the fine meal, ir’Gadden tells them he has received work of Aric Blacktree. Who apparently did not die in his fall. He was seen heading up the Dagger river in the company of many goblinoids, bugbears, goblins and hobgoblins. While they are discussing Aric, a group of undead repel into the restaurant crashing through the windows.
These fast moving undead continually utter “Karrnath!” Quickly breaking down into a fight. Ir’Gadden tosses Tayla the short sword he’s carrying while the rest of the party engage the undead. The two elven zombies hang back. The male one protecting the female spellcasting one. Shortly after the fight breaks out another individual, with a scar on his face near his right eye, casts a dispel magic, for some reason.
This dispelling has a terrible effect, the tower that the Edge of the Sky is located in, tears loose and begins falling. So not only does the party have to defend the patrons and themselves from a group of undead but are also plummeting hundreds of feet to the city below. As they fall the party manages to dispatch the Karrnathi Skeletons, but the two zombies seem to be much harder to dispatch. Bowen makes for them running along the wall, which was the ceiling moments before, and tries to engage the female spellcaster but the male gets into his way forcing the attack on himself. Vivienne, who was having a hard time finding her footing when the tower began falling, managed to sneak up on the spellcasting undead, stabbing her in the back. About this time Bowen figures out that these are Aereni elves who have made themselves look like the Deathless of Aerenal. Bowen tells Vivienne to keep them distracted while he tries something. He uses his powers to drastically slow the fall of the tower for a short time. Though this does give some of the remaining patrons and staff the opportunity to escape the Edge of the Sky. After taking more punishment than they were prepared to take the two elves escaped with the power to fly.
Bowen ran out of power and the tower fell a few more feat onto another tower, slid off of it and continued to fall. Crashing through a skybridge, which tore away a huge section of the tower. The party lept to safety, though Bowen missed his target due to exhaustion. Fortunately there is that standing bounty for the use of feather fall spells to save falling people. Bowen watched the tower smash into the space between the plateaus that Sharn is built upon. Looking up, he (and the rest of the party as well) could see that the vast majority of the patrons and staff were falling at a safe rate.
Bowen eventually landed next to the young wizard that saved his life, who had him sign a piece of paper saying that he did in fact get saved by they young man’s feather fall spell.

Shadows of the Last War - part 4

Farday 13 Therendor 998 YK

After resting the party gathered to explore the facility further.
They made their way to the second rotator room and used the orange keycharm. The path revealed to them was incredibly bright, almost blindingly. As they entered into the hallway they realized they couldn’t hear a thing. Though Rose did manage a spell without any difficulty. Deciding to head forward they came into an even brighter chamber where an amorphous mass of shifting color attacked them. They quickly dispatched the living color spray spell.
Continuing on into the next chamber where they were assaulted with incredible flames. Which upon examination were revealed to be an illusion of another much larger burning chamber. Finding a red keycharm on the wall in the illusory flames. Backtracking through the far less bright hallway. They headed into the burned hallway, which they had avoided previously. Another living spell attacked the party. They made short work of the living flaming sphere. Though not without suffering some burns themselves. In the chamber at the end of the hall the party discovered a brown keycharm on one of the undecayed corpses in the baths.
Using the brown keycharm the party discovered the facility’s dinning hall and kitchens. Where they found several more blue and brown keycharms. Trying the second direction of the first rotator room they ended up finding a storage room with some healing potions. Afterward they went to the office near where Rorsa and her pack are at. Inside they found the captain of the guard’s room containing serveral swords, a shield and a chain shirt. They also discovered another red keycharm in there as well.
Than they went back to the third rotator room to try and use the keycharms that they had. However, they found the room was trapped when they activated the rotator room without the red keycharm. The room went dark and quickly shifted so the entrance was down. The second time they tried a keycharm without the red one Relic fell through the opening down into the water below. They lowered rope down to her and pulled her up. Finally figuring out to leave the red keycharm in place they managed to shift the room into the proper position. Moving down the revealed an intensely hot corridor they came to a pair of adamantine doors with the symbol of house Cannith on it.
Entering into the room which was the one revealed in the other fiery room.
This large chamber stretches away from the doorway, and intense heat shimmers in the air. A raging bonfire burns about 40 feet away, near the far wall, casting dancing shadows across the room. A second one burns about 60 feet away, along the southern wall. In the center of the room, a large crucible filled with bubbling molten glass radiates terrible heat. Long snaking heads made of iron and brass rise up from the molten pool like some metal hydra. Just south of the crucible and the construct, a crystalline chest reflects hot light. Through the translucent material the chest contains a variety of objects, including what can only be the diamond-shaped schema. Then with an angry crackle of flame and a threatening hiss of steam, the bonfires began to move and attack.
The fire elementals attacked the party and they managed to defeat them. Recovering the contents of the chest which did infact have the piece of the schema that the party was looking for. Along with a second copy and a large creation pattern which had spaces in it for the schema. The party discovered that there were controls for the roof of the facility. Using the controls Rose and Sin got the top opened. They went back to get Rorsa and her pack so they could escape the facility. Rorsa and the pack quickly bounded out of the facility into the Mournland. The party followed, eager to get out of the intensely hot chamber.
Once out of the chamber and back into the mists of the Mournland the party found themselves quickly surrounded by the Emerald Claw and the dwarven glass zombies of Rose Quarry. Serously outnumbered the party was given a choice by the vampire Brother Garrow. Turn over the third schema or be killed and be reanimated. Sin realized that their was a nearly imperceptable feeling given off by the true schema and the party turned over the copy to Garrow. Who took it from Rose, after stepping out of the concealing mists. As the Emerald Claw saddled up and left, Brother Garrow issued an order to the dwarven glass zombies to kill the party. The party retreated back into the Cannith facility through the roof opening with Rune and Tayla holding off the zombies as the others retreated. Rose and Sin quickly got to the controls and as Rune finally got back in they set the roof to closing. As it did it crushed several zombies.
Exiting the facility the way they came in, the party made their way back to Failin and his elemental land cart. Failin took them back to Rhukaan Draal where they meet with Lady Elaydren and gave her the piece of the schema. Each receiving Cannith letters of credit for 2000 gold. She offered to get the party back home to Sharn. Having accepted they were to head out the next day.

Shadows of the Last War - part 3

Wirday 11 Therendor 998 YK

After nursing their wounds the party set to planning how to approach the ruined glass covered village of Rose Quarry. Sin offered numerous suggestions on how they should go about this. She also offered a deal that she would tell them where to go to find Whitehearth in exchange that when they find a certain pair of rings she take them with no questions asked. So, questions were asked and Sin was accused of extortion by Relic. In fact she was accused for a long time, even being told that if she did this again she would not be welcome in the party any more. Rose and Tayla did not seem to share the viewpoint and thought it a fair deal. But once things were sorted out the party rested in Failin’s elemental land cart while it stayed in motion so the Emerald Claw would have a harder time finding them.

Zorday 12 Therendor 998 YK

That night the mostly rested party set out to stealthily infiltrate the village. Sin moved around and spiderwalked along the ledge of the quarry to wait for her signal, while Tayla scouted into the village proper. The first thing they noticed was that the rhythmic ringing had stopped. In fact the whole village was dead quiet. After some further scouting Tayla discovered that there was nobody in Rose Quarry. Tayla went back to get the others and Sin proceeded to go to the refinery to get the locations of the other house Cannith facilities. Once the locations were mapped she set about breaking the map with the two shatter devices that Relic had made. With the locations of the other House Cannith facilities out of the hands of the Emerald Claw they proceeded to head in to the Dead-Gray Mist of the Mournland, with the help of Failin and his land cart.
A short and very disturbing ride to the wall of mist and then a seemingly far longer journey through the dead-gray mist they reached the wasteland that is the Mournland. Jagged glass jutting from the blasted and broken landscape. Very few plants growing in this land and those that are here look as dangerous as the rest of the place. The land cart trundled through piles of bodies that could just be sleeping, if not for some very gruesome wounds on them. Continueing on through the charnel pit and further until they reached an open mine entrance with the gorgon of House Cannith embossed above it.
Disembarking from the land cart the party investigated the entrance when a zombie vulture dove into Rose and tore at her shoulder. The party dispatched the undead bird leaving Rose covered in Zombie guts and slime. Sin moved into the mine with her everbright lantern looking to see what is in the mine. After a quick search Sin discovered that the mine was empty and didn’t look like there was anyone here for a very long time. The rest of the party joined her in the mine to commence searching for an entrance. The party found hatches, 4-foot circular adamantine hatches, into Whitehearth. The first three hatches were trapped decoys, electrocuting various party members, but the last one lead down into the facility.
Once they climbed down they were in a dimly lit, 20-foot diameter sphere with a metal plate set into a pedestal with different colored, enameled slots. Inserting the blue keycharm that Lady Elaydren gave them at the Broken Anvil back in Sharn. The room rotated to reveal a new hallway. Down at the end of the hall was a room where sheets and linens were folding themselves. Going back to the rotator room they tried another slot, rotating the room again coming out into a short hall that led to an office. With a dead woman slumped over a desk. Sin kept as much space between herself and the body as she could. Searching the room they found a scroll of resist energy.
Going back and trying the next blue slot in line the came to a much longer plain gray hall with blood trailing down the hall to the rooms at the end of the hall. At the end of the hall three portals; an open archway to the left, a door propped open straight ahead, and a sealed metal door to the right. The party advanced, and Sin avoided the blood, where they were greeted by a raspy voice welcoming them. The voice turned out to be a very large reddish-gray dire wolf flanked by two other gray wolves. The dire wolf told them of various threats within the facility, that she knew of. Asking them to deal with the “stone wolf” that was holding the rest of her pack. Once the party agreed to help Rorsa, the dire wolf, she gave them a magic pearl and a green keycharm.
During this, Sin noticed a certain pair of rings on two of the bodies in the room. A man and a woman seated across from each other, hands close by. Each wore one of a pair of matching rings, made of rose gold set with three rubies. Sin got Rose to get the rings off of the bodies for her.
After the encounter with Rorsa the party went back to the rotator room and tried the green keycham that lead down to another rotator room. Having the only option to be the green keycharm the rotator room spun into position revealing a dimly lit hall. Heading down the hall the party was attacked by the “stone wolf.” A creature has the shape of a wolf, but plates of black marble have been fused to its flesh. In additons to the stone armor that shields its flanks, its muzzle has been replaced by and elongated maw filled with row upon row of obsidian teeth.
The creature tore into Tayla and shreaded Rune’s leg with its razor sharp obsidian teeth. In the end the party put down the mad creature. In the room beyond the “stone wolf” eleven steel cages filled the room. Seven gray wolves filled the cages. They were very unhappy but Tayla managed to calm them and even made friends with the wolves. Searching the refuse in the room the party found some minor treasure and an orange keycharm.
Taking an assessment of the damage they have sustained they took the wolves back to Rorsa and decided to rest. Sin decided to go and rest over in the laundry room since she didn’t want to be near the wolves, especially the awakened dire wolf.

Shadows of the Last War - part 2

Sulday 8 Therendor 998 YK

With Failin at the helm, humming quietly to himself, or maybe to the land cart, the party headed toward Rose Quarry. The journey was for the most uneventful accept for one incident.
When the party was a couple of days out the land cart was struck and flipped on its side, throwing the party around a bit. Failin called for help from outside. The party hurried out of the overturned cart to find two large minotaurs waiting for them. As soon as they came out the minotaurs charged the warforged, goring them viciously. The party took care of the minotaurs quickly, espcially Rune who managed to break the skull of one minotaur.
During the battle the land cart continued vaguely forward until Failin managed to stop it and then he coaxed it back onto the wheels. While informing the party that the minotaurs that attacked them belonged to followers of the Horned God. After the battle the party continued on to Rose Quarry.

Wirday 11 Therendor 998 YK

Arriving just after nightfall in the ruins of Rose Quarry where Failin calls into the back to the party, asking “We’re you expecting company?” The party got a look at Rose Quarry, in the distance, in the light of three nearly full moons. The village is completely ruined, most of the buildings are just charred rubble surrounded by wall fragments. Curiously though everything in the village seemed to glisten as though covered in ice even though its early spring in southern Khorvaire. Additionally, another light source, other than the moons, could be seen in the southern part of the village. A fire glowing in a large pit, surrounded by four large tents with figures moving about. Tayla’s eyes picked up more than the rest of the party noting the figures were wearing half-faceplate helms wearing chainmail and a couple of skeletons were also near the encampment.
Tayla asked Sin if she was willing to go and take a look. Sin inquired if Tayla was asking her and the entire party became paranoid of owing Sin. Rune flatly refused to ask Sin thinking she would owe the enigmatic Sin anything. So Tayla went slunk down to the ruined village, while Failin moved the land cart out of sight. Down at the camp Tayla found that there were six armored Emerald Claw soldiers seated around the fire along with a man in banded mail chanting while holding an ornate dagger, chanting to himself. Off the sides two pairs of skeletons armed with scythes could be seen just outside of the firelight.
Moving on to find what was making the rhythmic noises that the party heard as they arrived. As she moved a little further into ruins she noticed that the entire village was covered in nearly a foot of glass. Burned bodies of the dwarven workers could be clearly seen within the glass. Throughout the village areas of glass had been broken open as though someone has been searching for something. Noting a screeching noise Tayla investigated further finding dwarven glass-covered zombies some shambling around an some zombies digging into the glass. After noting all of this Tayla headed back to the party.
After about 30 minutes Tayla returned and told the party what she saw. Rune decided that there was no way to sneak around the inattentive soldiers and the only option was to attack the encamped group. Tayla was given the job to try and kill the man chanting as they believed him to be a spellcaster. They gave Tayla a head start to get into position and then they headed down to the encampment.
Tayla got into position right before the party came up to the encampment. Marching right up the road and between two of the ruins creating a bottleneck. The Emerald Claw heard the party coming up on them and quickly mobilized. As the party attacked, and were attacked by the skeletons acting as sentinels, the camp the number of soldiers nearly doubled along with another spellcaster, a gaunt robed woman. Tayla’s chances of getting a quick shot on the armored spellcaster were gone with three of the Emerald Claw soldiers emerging in the between her and the spellcaster.
The battle was a disaster for the party as quickly Tayla fell from the onslaught and Snap dragged her away. Sin took some serious damage from the scythes the skeletons carried and quickly fled before getting even more seriously hurt, if not killed. Rose was slammed up against a ruined glass covered wall and beaten severely by the Emerald Claw flails. Relic took serious damage between the Emerald Claw and the undead. Rune held the bottleneck taking hits left and right.
The Emerald Claw soldiers were nothing less than merciless in there attacks. The spellcasters debilitating the party with various spells. The female spellcaster launching numerous magic missiles into the party and terrifying Tayla with fear spells. The armored spellcaster directing the Emerald Claw soldiers while wielding terrifying magic.
Managing to retreat from the unfortunate battle, though Sin moved, stealthily to try and get some more information from the tents. Not finding, any she snuck up to the two remaining buildings in Rose Quarry. Seeing a deathyly pale man in dark robes with two more Emerald Claw soldiers and some more of the glass covered dwarven zombies. The zombies temporarily noticed the hidden Sin. Managing to lose the attention quickly, she headed to the two buildings. The smaller of the two was clearly a former church to the Sovereign Host and the other was a Cannith refinery, one right across the road from the other. Sin headed into the workshop to try to find clues to the location of Whitehearth.
The refinery constructed of walls of red marble, an engraved symbol of house Cannith carved into the keystone above the doorway. The outer walls were intact while the roof, doors and upperfloors had been burned to ciders and rubble along with a layer of glass covering much of the building. Inside the main room of the refinery the majority of the glass and rubble has been cleared away revealing a detailed embossed map of Khorvaire. On the walls Large fireplaces, flanked by statues and carved by different types of stone, (red stone in the north, black stone in the west and white stone in the south).
Sin searched around quickly eventually finding the statues had writing on them. The writing on each statue seemed to indicate a way to find the location of the place mentioned. The red dragon statue, by the red stone fireplace, said “Whitehearth, White Seal, NE 9.” Looking around Sin managed to figure out there were house Cannith seals carved into the stone in front of each fireplace. The one she was looking for was still covered in rubble, which she cleared away quickly. Poking at the seal, trying to twist the seal and not having any effect. She managed to figure out the trick, walking 9 steps from the seal, of the white fireplace, she came to a place that was with in Cyre, roughly 30 miles from Rose Quarry.
Hearing voices in the distance Sin quickly got out of the refinery, after quickly moving the rubble back onto the fireplace. Slipping out of the refinery, Sin could see the deathly pale man and more Emerald Claw soldiers heading back toward Sin’s location. Sin quietly fled the village in a long, winding way back to the party.
Everyone finally got back together and nursed their wounds.

Shadows of the Last War - part 1

Wirday 4 Therendor 998 YK

Having had a little time to recover from their investigation of the beheadings caused by the misguided Cyran avengers. The party returned to their usual day to day. Until Rose received a message from a former patron. Delivered by a swooping giant owl, who dropped the satchel, containing the message, at her feet.

The normal means of communication seems to have been compromised, so I have sent this special messenger to personally find you and deliver this letter.
You served me once before, and now I need your help again. Time is short. I feel that our enemies have discovered me and are closing in.
Meet me at the Broken Anvil tavern where we first discussed heirlooms and job opportunities. Act quickly, for I believe that we are all in terrible danger
Your patron,
Lady E.

Rose gathered the group together showing them the message she received. Deciding to find out more the group decided to find out what this was all about. Rune counciled splitting up and taking different routes to the Broken Anvil tavern, in the Masons Tower. So Relic and Rune took one route and Rose, Sin and Tayla took another. Still arriving at the Broken Anvil at about the same time.
Upon entering the tavern, they found it to be empty except for the halfling matron that runs the establishment and one cloaked patron who raised her hand in an arcane gesture before recognizing the party.
Lady Elaydren d’Cannith, no longer wearing her fine glamorweave clothing and expensive jewelry, sat at a table gesturing to the party to come closer. Expressing that there was little time and someone was after her she hoisted up a good-sized leather backpack and told them to follow the instructions in the left pocket. As Rune reached for the backpack the doors to the Broken Anvil flew open and six short, reptilian, kobold, attackers armed with short swords and a burly warforged soldier. As soon as they came in the warforged soldier fired off a bolt that caught Lady Elaydren in the arm. Sin grabbed the backpack and hurried onto the ceiling to keep it out of the reach of the kobolds.
The party engaged the kobolds in between the party and the warforged soldier, who was quietly chanting some sort of religious dogma to himself. The kobolds worked cleverly together and worked in teams of two to flank the party. This technique making it hard for Tayla to properly wield her sharrash. Lady Elaydren flipped the table over to take cover and tend to the crossbow bolt in her arm. Meanwhile the warforged continues to fire bolts at the party, hitting Sin through her protective enchantments.
The kobold prove to be a serious threat dispite their small stature and the average kobold reputation but the party manages to clear out half, providing Rune a clear path to engage the warforged. As she approached, he drew his greatsword to try and strike down his sister warforged. The wounds that the kobolds inflicted upon Tayla drove her into a rage. That rage kept her standing dispite further wounds from the kobold short swords. Rose attempted to give the raging halfling a cure potion however the enraged halfling was not thinking and she decided to splash her with the curative potion rather than get close to the whirling sharrash of Taylay. The party dispatched the rest of the kobolds and attacked, in force, their warforged leader.
After, the battle Elaydren reiterated that the party needed to leave and there were instructions in the bag. She grabbed up the crossbow of the warforged and left quickly. The party decided to find someplace safe before looking into the bag and reading the instructions. Deciding on some place that their enemies would be unlikely to look for them, Sin lead them to the Cathedral of the Cleansing Flame where they were granted a quiet room to go through the bag Lady Elaydren gave them. Pulling out the instructions Sin sarcasticly read the letter;

My friends,
The object you recovered for me from the ruins beneath Sharn is a schema, a piece of a pattern used to create both mundane and magical. I have learned that another schema connected to this pattern was being studied in a secret Cannith workshop in Cyre, called Whitehearth. I wonder if this research is tied to the Day of Mourning?
Parts of my own house seek this pattern for evil purposes and I do not know whom to trust. So I turn to you. I need you to travel to Cyre find the workshop and recover the second schema.
The location of the workshop was a closely guarded secret lost when the patriarch of House Cannith died in the destruction of Cyre. You must travel to the House Cannith outpost in the town of Rose Quarry, in Darguun, to recover a record of all of Cannith’s hidden workshops.
In Rhukaan Draal, find a man named Failin in the Bloody Market. He can provide you with transport to Rose Quarry. From there, travel into the Mournland to find Whitehearth and the second schema. It is an adamantine plate in the shape of a diamond, about the size of a human’s palm. Once you have retrieved it, return to Rhukaan Draal where I will meet you. Succeed, and I will see to it that you are well rewarded for your courage.
Lady E.

Upon hitting the part about hitting the Mournland she steadfastly refused to go and handed off the instructions to Rose. However, other forces had other ideas. Rose continued to read the instructions while Sin seemed to be arguing with the glass orb she carries with her. After resigning herself to her Master’s instructions she began to go through the magical backpack, which really did contain just about everything they would need for the trip. The party took care of personal business while Rune went about finding out about passage to Rhukaan Draal. Discovering that there were no airships to take them but House Lyrandar did have an elemental galleon that was headed that way. While House Orien would arrange for them to travel by caravan after a Lightning Rail ride to Sterngate. Rune related this information to the party along with the approximate timeframes each direction would take. Deciding to take the ship after Sin objected, strongly, to anything that might have to make her ride on a horse. So after settling into the large cabin on the Lyrandar elemental galleon the night before the ship set off just before dawn.

Sarday 7 Therendor 998 YK

Traveling on the elemental galleon was fairly quiet and straight forward with only a single stop in the Zilargo city of Korranberg. For the most part the ship stayed within eye sight of the coast. The party is not the only passengers on board the galleon, merchants and other travelers that have business in Korranberg or Rhukaan Draal were aboard as well. Once the galleon headed into the waters of Kraken Bay there was a bit of excitement.
That night most of the party was up on deck stargazing for lack of any other exciting activities, while Relic stayed below working on various do-dads and whatchamaycallits that artificiers put together for their work. When the party noticed that the evening fog was getting fairly thick a lot faster than it should be. Then Tayla heard a sort of scratching along the side of the ship. Then, as she was going to investigate the noise a skeleton with a rusty cutlass began pulling itself over the railing. Tayla immediately began stabbing at it with the dagger she had, the sharrash was left in the cabin. Rose blasted it off the side with a volley of magic missile. However, a large number of skeletons were coming up over the side of the ship. All in all a dozen of the undead clamored up over the railing and the crew of the ship and the party were engaged in a savage battle. With skeletal fragments and dust filling the air the marauding undead were dealt with. The only casualty of this battle being one of the half-elven Lyrandar crew. The captain thanked the party and rewarded them for their effort and when Rose told them they should use the money for the dead crewman’s family the captain just smiled and told them there was no need to worry about that.
Tayla took the death of the crewman a bit harder than one would expect of the dangerous Talenta Halfling.

Sulday 8 Therendor 998 YK

The elemental galleon sailed up the river to Rhukaan Draal arriving by mid-morning. The party stepped off the galleon into the goblinoid metropolis. Taking a moment to take in the architecture of the city before trying to find the Bloody Market and Failin. They asked one of the Lyrandar sailors if he knew where the Bloody Market was and found out that the crew didn’t often, or at all, take shore leave in Rhukaan Draal. So they set out to find someone who would help. Tayla located a goblin heading somewhere with a wheeled cart and holding up a gold gallifar, asked where the Bloody Market was. The goblin replied in goblin that it would take three of the coins for the information. After paying him and then getting scolded by Sin for flashing gold coins around they set out to the Bloody Market.
It took a few minutes to realize when they had entered the Bloody Market as there were no obvious changes in the ramshackle design of the city. Once they saw a couple of bugbears beat a goblin thief to death they realized they were in the right place. So needing to find the location of Failin, Sin went to talk to one of the hobgoblin guards. With bugbears looming behind the hobgoblin, Sin began to haggle with the guard over the cost of information. While he did not know who this Failin was, he did know someone who would know. Once the price was agreed upon Rune handed over the money with the zest of a miser. Sin was proud of how much the warforged soldier had learned about flashing money around.
Going into the large tent the hobgoblin guard had indicated, the party found an older, blind hobgoblin woman. Who seemed to know them and seemed to be able to see them. They if she new of Failin and she told them she did but the price would be a plate of the “mithral warforged.” So after some hesitation Relic turned over a spare piece that she had and the party was told to go to the Clenched Fist tavern. They couldn’t miss it.
Finding the Clenched Fist was very easy as you can’t miss the mummified ogre fist nailed to the placard over the door. Inside was the dive that was expected. This was clearly a place that people go to to not be discovered or bothered by such trifling things as the law. Asking the bartender for Failin they were directed to a booth in a back corner. Failin greeted the party members that approached him and when they finally told him where they needed to go he said he’d do if for 60 gallifars. Feeling this man was trying to cheat them the party threatened and insulted him but they agreed on a more reduced price.
Leaving the seedy tavern just in time to avoid a confrontation with a group of bugbears that were looking for Failin the party was lead to a large stone outcropping far from the Bloody Market. After placing his dragonmark of passage against the stone, a wondrous cart came out of it. This covered wagon, moving of its own volition, seems to be covered in shifting rock and gems and crystals with a fist sized khyber shard embedded in the front of it. This is Failin’s earth elemental powered land cart.
The party got in at Failin’s insistance and headed toward Rose Quarry.

Misguided Patriots of Cyre

Following Rose’s idea to find out more of Capt. Ballard‘s history, the group went back to the High Walls district of Tavick’s Landing. Their they found Greykell out on her rounds around High Walls. Asking her about a Capt. Ballard, she had to think about it for a bit but did remember hearing of a Captain Ballard.
What she remembered hearing was favorable. He spent a great deal of his career defending Cyre from attacks from Breland, Karrnath and Thrane. He came up from being a peasant to a respected Captain in the Cyran Army. Even receieving a commendation and gift from Queen Dannel ir’Wrnarn of Cyre, a lightning enchanted, Cannith forged greatsword. She remembered him being a good leader and respected by his men.
With this information the party headed for Precarious, in lower Dura, to check out the address given to them by Tayla’s “friend” Jameson Silvertongue. Sin and Rose went ahead to investigate while Relic, Rune and Tayla stayed out of sight, a couple of streets behind. Discovering the place to look like a derelict business of some sort. Outside of the building were two, poorly hidden, guards. Rose provided a distraction, drawing the guards into chasing her toward the rest of the party. Sin stayed to try and find a way to enter the building. She spent a few moments harassing the door guard with a series of obnoxious knocks on the door before moving on to check for another way in. Deciding to cut her way in through the boarding on one of the windows.
Meanwhile, the guards that chased Rose found that she was the least of her concerns as a charging Talenta halfling and two warforged came their way. Relic unleashed an obscuring mist that filled the street with concealing fog. The first one was knocked off his feet by the talenta sharrash that Tayla wields and when he tried a desperate swing with the well polished club he wielded, he found Rune’s shield in the way, creating an impressive gonging sound. The other guard decided on the better part of valor and turned tail. Rose chased him down the street with people getting out of the way. Bringing him down with a tackle and tying his hands behind his back.
Tayla had joined in the chase but didn’t catch up until after Rose brought the other guard down. Rose told her to take him back to the rest and not to interrogate the captives. Rose went to see how Sin was doing. Tayla didn’t necessarily listen to this, or at least only heard the part she wanted to hear. So Relic, Rune and Tayla decided to try and interrogate the captives. Who were only willing to reveal their names and ranks until Talya took a more drastic approach. She shattered the man’s ankle with the haft of her sharrash and shortly after healed the break with the power of her dragonmark. They did learn a little from the other guard after this, mainly just confirmation on what they already knew.
Sin, meanwhile, had gotten into the derelict building and was investigating from her position on the ceiling. She overheard the voices downstairs being proud of what they had done. They were toasting their success with the murders. Watching over the rabble was a Cyran Captain dressed in blackened banded mail and Cyran uniform. Also, moving through the crowd was another man dressed in a robe with chainmail underneath. As he moved through the crowd he seemed to be talking encouragingly to the men. As he moved outside of the group he looked dead at Sin.
Sin, surprised but not put off her game, took the opportunity to learn more from him. They discussed the situation and Virgil Nix, the man in robes, introduced Sin to Captain Ballard. Talking to Capt. Ballard Sin arranged a meeting and offered herself in exchange for the two captives. Ballard agreed to the meeting at the square with the three gargoyles in an hour.
Sin returned to the party and informed them of the situation. She sent a runner to go and inform ir’Gadden what So when the hour passed the party meet with Ballard and an equivalent sized group at the square with the three gargoyles. They talked about the murders and the justifications for them. Ballard didn’t seem to appreciate the fact that some of the victims had been tortured and that his men had been acting without his permission. Ballard was did not seem remorseful in regards to the executions of the Moon Dragons, considering what he had seen of their handiwork, especially to children. When Ballard seemed to be listening to the party’s point of view on this, Nix signaled hidden men and unleashed some unknown power into Ballard. This discharge of energy caused wounds to appear all over his body and to collapse in painful convulsions. The hidden Cyrans fired crossbows and then charged into the fray. The Tayla and Rune immediately targed Nix and he used some obscuring mist to escape his attackers. The party put down their attackers and went after Nix after Relic rapidly created a device that created a powerful gust of wind to clear out the obscuring mist.
Seeing Nix headed down an alleyway the party chased after him, Sin taking a less direct route. Sin’s route put her ahead of Virgil Nix as the party was on his heels, except Rune who stayed behind to protect Ballard. As Sin tried to block the way Nix pushed past her, discharging more of his wounding magic on her. She managed to fight off the agonizing effects of the touch. As Nix went to go around a corner Relic unleashed an acid arrow from her wand and globes of bronze and gold light struck him. Around the corner he collapsed from the injuries, not quite dead but dying. He was saying something quietly and Relic leaned in closer to the dying Nix. Nix smiled and unleashed a final discharge of the agonizing magic into her. The actual damage was minimal but the agony was brutal and felt as if the roots that make up the warforged body had twisted into agonizing shapes and knots.
The party went back to Rune and Ballard, draging Nix’s body with them. They discussed what to do with Ballard and in the end decided to let Ballard go as it was Nix’s influence that caused them to go to such extreme measures. Ballard left after giving the party a pouch of gallifars he left. Sin followed for a moment to remind him that he owed a debt that may be called in some day.
Shortly after that agents of the King’s Citadel arrived to collect the bodies, lead by the young runner that Sin sent to ir’Gadden. They took the bodies and the surviving Cyran into custody and the party went back to ir’Gadden’s estate to report. Ir’Gadden payed them the agreed upon amount in dragons and the party went home after a long night.

Investigations in the Lower Districts

28 Olarune 998 YK

The each member of the party received a summons from Lord Bren ir’Gadden via personal courier. The summons told them to come to ir’Gadden’s estate in Middle Menthis that evening. Once they arrived the party was shown into a sitting room lined with bookshelves and a sideboard of fingerfoods and light wine and water. They didn’t have long to wait before ir’Gadden came in.
He asked the party if they had read the recent articles by Tasheth Dacaka. He even asked the actual Cyran, Rose, what her thoughts on the cause of the Mourning were. As “everyone knows who caused the Day of Mourning.” Acknowledging that they had read those articles ir’Gadden offered the party a job to look into the murders. Offering 300 gallifars each for their work with 50 upfront for expenses, no negotiations. The group accepted and ir’Gadden gave them the information that Madam Dacaka did not have.
The tattoos on the three human victims were from a Brelish special ops unit called the Moon Dragons. The Moon Dragons dealt in demoralization tactics in Cyre during the Last War. Their tactics were deplorable but the higher Brelish Generals felt that the end did in fact justify the means. Revealing that ir’Gadden is an officer in the King’s Citadel, yet not revealing what exactly that rank is. Ir’Gadden revealed his suspicions about who or what might be behind the beheadings. First theory is that these are a more violent group of Cyran Avengers that have decided to attack and kill the enemies of Cyre, Brelish terrorists and Valenar elves and what was a Cyran national that spoke out in moderation, Krier Dorvain.
Ir’Gadden’s other theory was that someone is framing the Cyrans. He is guessing that if this is true the group behind this would be the Swords of Liberty. A group of Brelish idealists that are seeking to undermine the monarchy of King Borenal ir’Wynarn. Replacing him with a parliment of wealthy merchants and noblemen. However, their tactics are designed around showing the weakness of the king’s rule, usually through bloody violence.
Ir’Gadden recommended that the party start in High Walls and speak to the Laughing Wolf,Greykell ir’Ryc. The self proclaimed sheriff of High Walls.
With the information ir’Gadden had they went to the High Walls district since that was where Dorvain was talking about finding new homes. The High Walls slums where not particularly friendly looking nor were the people of the district. The party was looking around for the Laughing Wolf and asked around for where to find her. They were directed to the larger tent in the middle of the tent town that cropped up in High Walls right after the Cyran refugees arrived.
After being allowed in Greykell spoke with the group about which of the refugees were likely to be more than outspoken in their viewpoints. While the Laughing Wolf didn’t know exactly which ones would fit the bill off hand, she did offer to get the group a list of names. Though she didn’t think any of the ones in High Walls really fit the bill. The more dangerous ones had been run out of the district. Promising to send the information, via Orien Courier, to Maidera’s Craftworks where Relic works. The party decided to go and make a quick investigation of the Callestan, Precarious and Greyflood districts where the bodies were found.
While walking through the Callestan district, Tayla recognized where they were and remembered a “friend” that might be able to help them find out what was going on. She lead them to an abandoned inn in Callestan where a secret, illegal den was to be found, the Silvermist. The halfling at the door recognized Tayla and let her and her friends in. The doorman told her that Jameson was in his room and that she should be “active” in waking him up, since he owed the doorman 5 gallifars.
Walking down a long hallway with numerous rooms coming off the hallway. Doorways covered with multicolored diaphonous Aereni silk that had men and women of various races partaking of the narcotic dream lily. At the end of the hall were two scantilly clad halfling were coming out of, the room belonging to Jameson Silvertongue was found. Jameson was sprawled out over a small half couch with only his shorts on. Tayla knocked the couch over, waking the halfling gangster up. He jumped to his feet, still not wearing pants and greated Tayla with a too-friendly smile.
Tayla explained the situation to her “friend” as he put his pants back on. Jameson listened intently to the situation and then he might know a thing or two about the murders that have gone on near his places of business. He slide an expensive looking metal platter around with his winning smile. The majority of the group didn’t seem to understand why he was sliding this platter around while Tayla just sighed and Sin smiled knowingly.
After being paid a 7 or so gold gallifars he let the party know what he knew; the bodies are falling from skybridges in the higher district after they were killed, and that a group of “Cyran avengers” were hold up in one of the warehouses of the Precarious district. He didn’t have information on the specific warehouse but he could find out the exact location for a reasonable amount of coin, say 15 gallifars. Sin counter-offered and Jameson countered the counter-offer but Tayla helped settle things with an “offer” of her own. She wouldn’t break various body parts or cut them off with her sharrash, which Sin kindly pointed out had cut a warforged soldier in half. Jameson “agreed” to do the job for 10 gallifars. With that settled he offered to send his information to the Jorasco Enclave, where Tayla lived. Seeming hesitant that House Jorasco would know of her other “friends” Tayla seemed to lose some of that threatening demeanor. With that damn smile, Jameson told them to return tomorrow as he would have the information by then.
Heading out from the Silvermist den, the group decided to head to their homes for the night. While heading home Tayla decided to stop at the Jorasco Healing House nearest to where the bodies were found. There the young apprentice healer greated Tayla and Tayla inquired about the bodies. The young halfling was more than helpful, however, the records on the human bodies and the bodies themselves, including the elven one, had been confiscated by the King’s Citadel. They did still have the record of the Valenar elf’s examination;

The headless elven body shows evidence, in tattoo decorations and build and clothing, of being of the Elves of Valenar. The male body was brought in by some members of the Sharn Watch late in the night. The majority of the body showed bruising indicating that he suffered a serious beating with implements such as clubs, saps and/or truncheons. The guards of the Watch that brought in the body said that they had nothing to do with the beating, when I inquired about the obvious bruises. The bruising patterns and coloration indicate that the beating occurred somewhere between 12 to 24 hours prior to death.
bq). The cut to the elf’s neck is seriously charred and cauterized. There are burn patterns that go down the neck and shoulders that indicate the cauterization occurred with something other than fire or just heat. The scorch markings seem to be, in my opinion, caused by some implement enchanted with lightning. Additionally, the cut itself is clean. The neck was severed between the vertebrae of the neck and seems to have been done with one cut. The blade that did this, in my opinion, was either enchanted or made with a metal that has special cutting properties.

Gaphi d’Jorasco

With this information and the bells ringing the first hour of the night, Tayla headed back to her home at the Jorasco Enclave. With only a minor incident involving a mugger not understanding the meaning of the Talenta hunt-mask.
Around the middle of the day a House Orien courier delivered a thick envelope to Relic at the Maidera Craftworks. In the envelope was a long list of names from Greykell ir’Ryc, as promised. These names also included personal notes and opinions of the Laughing Wolf herself on these would be Cyran avengers. The majority of them are heavy drinkers filled with idea and intentions that sound good to the other like minded drinkers. The majority are violent drunks that are only a danger to their families or inanimate objects. None of the people in High Walls are actually the type to organize a group of violent and dangerous people. She was sorry she couldn’t supply more help.
Sin got the information from Relic and decided to go and see if she could dig up someone who may have heard or seen something more. Heading to the districts above Greyflood, Callestan and Precarious. She spent a couple of hours spreading around gallifars, buying drinks and food for people trying to dig up some new information. During the corse of her information gathering she meet a shady gnome named, Davron with a taste for good food and an occupation that has him out in the dead of night. Buying a fine meal for herself and her new gnome friend at Ghallanda Hall. During the meal Davron told his tale of the night he saw several tall men, maybe women he couldn’t tell, who were wearing cloaks. Dark cloaks. They were hauling, or maybe helping, a man toward a skybridge in Middle Dura. They hauled the man toward the middle of the skybridge and said some words to him as he was kneeling on the bridge. (Davron wasn’t going to get close to these men, so he couldn’t hear what was said, but he did smell an opportunity.) After they finished saying what they had to say there was a flash of lightning from the vicinity of the cloaked men. After which they pitched the man off of the skybridge and went to the other side of the skybridge. Once it was all clear Davron went to see what may or may not have been left.
Sin requested that Davron show her the skybridge that the man had been pitched from, after desert of course. Davron led her to the skybridge, after desert, where she could see the body could have landed in the Greyflood or Precarious districts, depending on the wind or angle he was tossed. Davron did mention he found something when he investigated the area. He handed Sin a piece of dark-gray cloth with brass rank markings on it. Specifically, Cyran brass rank markings.
Meanwhile, Rune and Rose and Tayla arrived at the Craftworks later, to discuss their next moves and when to go and see Jameson. Sin arrived later and after comparing notes they went to talk to Jameson at around 8 bells, or so.
The door halfling let them in to see Jameson, commenting that the warforged may not enjoy the pleasures of the Silvermist. Jameson was waiting for the party, fully dressed this time, with the promised information. He was just waiting for the rest of his coin before divulging what he learned. Once he was properly paid up, Jameson gave the party a piece of paper with an address in Precarious and that he had overheard the name Ballard with mention of a rank, Captain. The party left the Silvermist and Jameson and Rose wanted to go and talk to Greykell about this Captain Ballard, thinking she might have some information on who he is and why he is doing this.

"Murders in the Lower Districts" Articles

Sharn Inquisitive

Molday 23 Olarune 998 YK

Now we all know murder in the City of Knives is nothing new. However, consecutive murders, serial murders if you will, are a reason for concern. Now these murders have been going on for well over a week now and while the murders are not frequent they do represent a pattern. The Sharn Watch seems to have tried to cover up these murders but there are always witnesses in the City of a Thousand Eyes and I have learned the descriptions of the victims.
Victims have similar traits to their demise. Gruesomely, all the bodies were found headless. In fact no form of identification paperwork was found on the body, at all. In fact the part of the neck that had been severed from its own head, was burned. This leads to the next of the links of these murders, the lack of blood at the crime scenes. For such gruesome wounds one would expect there to be a sizable amount of blood sprayed around. However, these poor souls were cut down at some other location only to have their lifeless corpses dragged across the city only to be dumped in public places in the Grayflood, Precarious & Callestan districts. Now, this reporter knows that someone has seen what happened to these lost souls, yet no one has come forward.
Now, this third fact of the murders does not carry across all the victims but the majority of the victims bore a particular tattoo. The other one did not have the same tattoo as the others but bore tattoos of his own. The tattoo was on their right forearms, is a silvery dragon with wings spread in full flight, rising over a stylized full moon. Now, this I know has been kept from public knowledge but speaking with sources, that shall remain nameless for their protection, that were at the locations where the victims were found I have learned of the distinctive mark. Now I haven’t been able to discover the meaning of these distinctive tattoos but rest assured that I shall endeavor to learn the meaning.
Now we know the linking factors of these murders; headless, lack of blood when the body was found, and the tattoos. One other factor we can take into consideration is that three of the bodies were human, and judging by the coloring of the body, most likely Brelish. The fourth body, the second to be murdered, was elven and from what I have been able to discover, the tattoos indicate Valenar. So, what we have here are three Brelish humans and one Valenar elf, decapitated, dumped in the public places of the lower districts, specifically the districts of Grayflood, Precarious & Callestan, and all tattooed. We also have some sort of cover-up by the Sharn Watch and possibly the King’s Citadel in regards to these bodies. Who is murdering these mean, clearly with the hope that the Keeper gets a hold of their souls? Why have their identities not been revealed publicly? What is the meaning of the dragon tattoos on the Brelish men?
Now people of Sharn don’t sit back idly expecting to be protected by our lax city watch, unless you have the money to live where their willing to do their jobs. Demand that these poor lost souls, who likely had families or at least someone who will mourn their loss, be given justice. This city sees so much death we must strive to be greater than the moniker ‘City of Knives’. Let us in a single voice demand justice not be ignored just because their bodies were found in the lower districts and they didn’t have any money on them.

Tasheth Ramnen Dacaka

Sharn Inquisitive

Wirday 25 Olarune 998 YK

Murder at the inns of the Greyflood district, specifically the Cracked Mirror. The Cracked Mirror is known as quiet, unremarkable inn, noted for a regular clientele of changelings and shifters. Just this morning a Cyran national, Krier Dorvain, was lying face up in the run-off ditch, his neck was slit from ear to ear and his shirt had been torn away. His assailants seemed to have carved into his dead flesh the single word – ‘TRAITOR.’
Dorvain was known in the refugee in inhabited High Walls district of Tavick’s Landing, for trying to get his fellow Cyrans to move on from the loss of their homeland. While not necessarily liked by his fellow Cyrans of High Walls he was at least respected by all accounts. His death has come as a blow to those Cyrans that supported his view point. The High Walls district has been a hot bed of controversy in the years since the Last War. From the Cyran refugees taking over the district to the growing split between the inhabitants over what direction they should go in, now that the treaty of Thronehold no longer acknowledges the existence of Cyre.
Krier Dorvain was a voice of reason between these two schools of thought. His work in High Walls to help his fellow Cyran refugees get back on their feet has been over shadowed in the last few months as he has become more vocal in his belief that his fellow Cyrans move on and find homes in Breland. Dorvain had his share of enemies and any number of them may or may not have been his murderer. However, until someone comes forth confessing to the murder or someone goes out of their way to find out what exactly happened, we will never know who slew this good man.

Iridel Haskell

The Forgotten Forge part 2

Two bright flashes of light, followed by the crashing sound of metal and stone as the escaping warforged fell back down the stairs to the sewers. Two small smoking, melted holes in its chest.
Mending their wounds the party searched their assailants for anything of value. After which they moved on to find their way down to the forgotten forge.
A little further down the sewer the party came across a metal hatch set into the wall of the sewer. Set into the hatch was a symbol similar to the one set in the journal of Bonal Geldem, a stylized anvil and hammer. Lining the edges of the hatch were arcane runes that were clearly a defensive ward. After numerous attempts at disarming the magical trap and being struck by acid orbs, Relic managed to disarm the trap. However, she quickly realized that their was no obvious operational lock on the hatch. Rune suggested trying the journal, which while Relic was taking a moment to study the door, Sin quickly put the journal against the hatch. The runes lit up and the hatch moved out of the way revealing a vertical shaft. The interior of which is a mix of crumbling earth and ancient stone, and centipedes and other insects covering the walls like living decorations.
Rose cast light on an arrow and dropped it down the shaft. The light disappeared into the black of the shaft. Rune tied a rope around herself and Sin took it down into the shaft. The length of rope ended before the tunnel did but she could see the bespelled arrow down below. The shaft curved and eventually opened into a dark cavern. The rest of the party climbed down the shaft after attaching another length of rope to the first. Joining Sin down in the abandoned cavern the noises of skittering and clicking insects increased dramatically.
The party was quickly set up on by a swarm of biting beetles. Sin quickly ran for the walls as the rest of the party tried to destroy the swarm. Alchemists fire, acid, magical blasts and summoning bats wasn’t quite enough to destroy the swarm. The short battle with the swarm was brought to an end when Rune threw her bulk down on the swarm and crushed the beetles. After clearing the last of the beetles off of and out of their clothes and bodies they moved on only to be jumped by enormous rats covered with bony armored plates and caustic saliva dripping from their horrid fangs.
Tayla fell to the initial onslaught of the rats acidic bites. The rest of the party destroyed the two vicious rats with the last one exploding in a shower of gore under the shocking grasp spell of Rose. The party decided to find some sort of refuge to recover from their wounds. Rose and Sin went to investigate an intact building they could see on the edge of the light provided by the sunrods they were carrying. On the way over to the building Rose confronted Sin about the debt she has accrued to Sin gaining clarification on what she agreed to. After their discussion they realized they were standing infront of an old temple to Onatar. The temple ruins provided a safe rest place for the party to recover. With the warforged soldier Rune watching over the resting party they recovered from their wounds.
After resting the party headed out and after coming around the large stone column that supports the roof, they came to a large building with impressive adamantine doors with the hammer and anvil symbol of House Cannith. After trying the journal to open the doors, unsuccessfully, they searched the outside of the building finding nothing but rubble.
Sin walked up the wall to discovering a hole in the roof. Dropping a rope for the party to climb up with they managed to climb up on the roof and then down into the forge itself.
Shortly after climbing down the guardians of the forge attacked the party. These iron defenders tore into the party. Shortly after the party was attacked, they manage to destroyed the ancient defenders. Upon defeating the humonculi small metal rods ejected from their canine foreheads. A rectangular rod and a triangular rod. Sin took the rods and the group investigated the forge. After recovering the various items of value lying around the forge they discovered a series of shaped indentations above the forge; a pentagon, a triangle, and a rectangle. Realizing they need a third rod Sin goes over to the rubble from where the roof fell in hides the body of a third iron defender. Rune heaves the large stone covering the iron defender and Sin slips in and pulls the pentagon rod from the crushed creature.
Sin took the rods and tried placing them into the openings in the forge. First the pentagon rod, but that caused an electric blast on the metal floor around the forge. Realizing there was a pattern that had to be followed, Sin put the rods in in the correct order. Once the last rod locked into place the hidden vault opened. Containing the schema they were sent down here to recover among other coins and items. The gathered their loot and left through the doors which were easy to unlock from the inside.
However, upon exiting the forge a flaming bolt struck the building and a voice from the darkness, naming itself Saber, declared they turn over the schema and walk away. The party decided that was not going to happen. As they went to attack the unseen assailant two iron defenders came around and attacked flanking the party. The iron defenders struck swiftly and nearly took down Rose but Tayla held her own. Rune headed to find the crossbowman with Relic backing her up. Finding the crossbowman to be another warforged soldier. With a crack of thunder the lightning from the shocking grasp spell against the iron defender destroyed it, reducing it to electrified slag, while Tayla tore the other one to pieces with her sharrash. Relic moved around the warforged Saber while Rune had him distracted and reached out with the arcane power of an artificer and tore at the threads of life that make up the lifeforce of the warforged.
Realizing the threat that Relic represented Saber took to attacking Relic as the larger threat. Rose seeing an opening in the battle tried to jump up on the rubble and aiming to deliver a brutal shocking grasp spell to Saber. However, the warforged soldier ducked beneath the crackling hand and drove his sword into her side, dropping her. Sin moved forward to pull Rose away from the dangerous warforged and began to bandage her, getting her white gloves covered in blood. Tayla used the power of her dragonmark of healing to help Rose before continuing on to attack the warforged soldier. With the halfling’s healing touch Rose got to her feet and went after the warforged again. While Sin moved to a more advantageous postion up on the stone column.
Surrounded by a dangerous artificer, warforged soldier, sorceress with hands crackling electricity and a screaming talenta halfling, Saber made a desperate cleaving attack. He managed to strike down Rose and Rune as he clove through the four surrounding him. Sin holared that she had just bandaged those wounds at Rose. With a violence that would make the Fury herself proud, Tayla slashed out with the sharrash and sliced through the living would and adamantine plating that made up Saber’s body, cutting him in half at the waist bringing an end to the battle.
With a chance to catch their breaths, literally and figuratively, the group decided that it would be wise to rest up in the safety of the ruined temple of Onatar.
Recovered for the most part from their ordeal outside of the forge the adventurers make their way back up into the city. On the way up an arguement occurs between the warforged siblings, Relic and Rune, about some additional repairs that Rune feels are imperative while Relic wants to hold on to her remaining arcane power just in case. Its quite the sight to see warforged bickering in such a human fashion. Arguing to the point of beating the proverbial dead horse, in fact.
Returning to the Rat’s Market they notice the lack of people from what is normally a bustling sale of junk and garbage. In fact its deserted. As the realize this four freshly killed zombies shamble from the various passage entrances into the Rat’s Market. Sin immediately disguises herself, magically as a zombie. Behind the walking dead come three men, two human one half-orc, wearing the distinctive armor and tabard of the the Emerald Claw.
The half-orc leader demands the party turns over the schema and they will be allowed to live. Refusing the party attacks the zombies. Sin waves the schema at the Emerald Claw and then runs down one of the passages, she believes will lead up to more populated areas, all asses and elbows. The half-orc orders the other two Emerald Claw agents to get her and retrieve the schema. The party dispatches the zombies and with a thunderous, powerful discharge of her shocking grasp spell, Rose fries the Emerald Claw half-orc in his own armor. The two Emerald Claw agents that were chasing after Sin break off and return to see the party dispatching the remaining zombies. Thy decide it would be wiser to break off the attack and report that the schema was not recovered. Searching the Emerald Claw bodies the party discovered instructions for the Emerald Claw soldiers from someone named Garrow.
The party returned to the Broken Anvil without Sin, who did show up after a bath and change of clothes. The halfling matron of Anvil offered cleaning and food and drink for her guests while they waited for Lady Elaydren to arrive. Elaydren arrived a while later with a large warforged bodyguard. They reported that there were warforged after the schema and there were Emerald Claw agents after it as well. Elaydren took this news cautiously and graciously accepted the schema, which Sin was seemingly reluctant to turn over but did. She gave the party House Kundarak letters of credit, as it is unwise to travel in Sharn with large amounts of coin on one’s person, even with an impressive warforged to protect it.
As she was leaving she told the matron of the Broken Anvil that she would pay for their meals and drinks, though within reason, and that the party should, if they are interested in working again, check in periodically with the Sivis message station in Barmni Tower.

The Forgotten Forge part 1

Zolday 24 Olarune 998 YK

Around 7th bell, while the her companions were sleeping in their homes, Relic had a visitor at Maidera’s Craftworks. A warforged of very light armoring, in fact none, which indicated it might be designed as some sort of caster, came in for some repairs. The plates covering its body were enamled in a deep green and it seemed to possess a female personality. She needed repairs on a wand compartment built into her right arm. While Relic repaired the mysterious warforged, she talked to Relic about how she was going to waste with toiling away fixing lanterns and such, wasting her potential and skill. Relic did not entirely agree with the mysterious green warforged, and once Relic finished the repairs the mysterious warforged went on her way, saying they would talk again.

Later that evening, just after the 8th bell of the night, the group enjoyed a victory meal at a particularly nice restaurant in Upper Menthis. While everyone enjoyed a fine meal, Tayla stuck to biscuits and water, until Rose bought a meal for the indebted helfling. After the meal they were headed away from the restaurant, through the heavy rain when Rose saw something in a flash of lightning.
A cloaked figure over a body lying in a pool of blood and rain. The mysterious figure vaulted over the railing leaving the dead body clutching something. Rose decided to go investigate while Sin suggested that they just inform the watch. She followed the well-meaning Rose grumbling about would-be heroes.
While investigating the dead body Sin took the leather satchel that the man was carrying and was immediately interested in the leather journal with mithral threading on it. While the rest looked for identification. The dead man turned out to be Provost Bonal Geldem of the School of Pre-Galifar Studies at Morgrave University. While investigating the body Relic was struck violently from behind by the cloaked figure with a cry of “flesh-loving traitor!”

Sharn Inquisitive

Wirday 25 Olarune 998 YK
pg. 6
Evening assassination in the depths of the worst storm of Olarune. Provost Geldem of the School of Pre-Galifar Studies at Morgrave University was found brutally slain on the skybridge between Dalannan Tower and the Kelsa Spire. According to witness accounts there was a battle between a warforged assassin and a group consisting of a warforged, a human female, an elven male and a talenta halfling woman. The battle didn’t last long and by accounts it originally looked like the group was killing someone.
According to Sgt. Dolom, who was first on the scene, the group cooperated with the authorities, though the elven man leaped from the railing apparently not wanting to deal with the authorities. After a quick investigation the group of adventurers were allowed to go on their way.

Tasheth Ramnen Dacaka

Once on their way the party was met by a mysterious cloaked figure that was standing at the mouth of a dark alley. Displaying a ring with the Gorgon mark of House Cannith informed the party that if they wanted to know more about the situation surrounding the death of Bonal Geldem they should head to the Broken Anvil at dawn. Figuring this for a trap, the party still decided to meet up and go to the tavern.
Arriving at the House Ghallanda sponsored tavern they are met by the halfling matron running the place who led them to the back of the common room to meet with Lady Elaydren d’Vown and the long lost warforged sister of Relic, Rune. Lady Elaydren told them of Bonal Geldem and the forgotten Cannith foundry deep down in the depths of Sharn. After a long period of discussion about the whereabouts of this forgotten forge, the party decided to accept working for Lady d’Vown and find this forge. However, they needed a day to prepare for the excursion into the Depths of Sharn.

Wirday 25 Olarune 998 YK

Following the map from the Geldem’s journal the party found their way down to the last inhabited level of Dorasharn Tower. following the narrow, claustrophobic corridors they party found their way to the Rat’s Market. Looking for a way down to the sewers the party started by asking a poor shifter who told them to ask the goblin merchant. The goblin had a number of uninteresting pieces of junk on his blankets but clearly his sharp ears had overheard the party looking for a valve cluster. He demanded 100 sovereigns for his information. Haggling and threats broke out between the party and the goblin merchant. In the end Rune, frustrated at the haggling, just handed over 4 gold gallifars to the goblin who quickly closed up shop, packed up his merchandise and led the party down to the valve cluster. During the haggling the party noticed a shifter with a particular interest in the party that disappeared into the crowd.
Once down into the fragrant sewer the goblin took the rest of his pay and went on his merry way. In the valve cluster the party was jumped by poor looking shifters, one of which they recognized as the shifter watching them in the Rat’s Market. The shifter’s charged and engaged Rune. During the battle Rose learned a valuable lesson regarding electricity and water as she shocking grasped one of the shifters. A warforged assassin struck Relic from the shadows in her side. The attacking shifters tore into Rune and pulled her away from her companions while the warforged struck at the rest of the party. After Rune pulled out of their grasp, Tayla drove a dagger deep into the back of one of the shifters who was than knocked down by a blast of sewage coming from the nearby valve. Rune and Tayla destroyed the fallen shifter as he tried to rise to his feet. Rune struck a staggering blow on the last shifter and Tayla took off his head with her sharrash. The warforged assassin was struck a couple of times by Rose’s claws before taking off up the stairs back to the areas above.


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