Warforged, Archaeologist, Historian


This warforged stands just over 6’ tall and seems to be closely identical to other warforged. He dresses simply with many pockets for all the tools of being a magewright specializing in more publicly useful items. He has modified his body to have a more brass appearance.


Turrett is a Warforged would-be archaeologist and a skilled magewright with an interest in the history of Eberron, primarily how the Warforged fit in. With no real role in life after the Last War, Turrett developed an interest in the past. He seeks to learn the origin of his life and all life or at least its history.
He works in Maidera Craftworks in Middle Menthis Plateau, Cassan Bridge district, along with Relic and a few other artificers. Maidera’s is a Cannith sponsored crafting house. It specializes in the repair of various magical devices used throughout Sharn. Additionally, they do take custom designs for more stylish versions of these devices.
He spends a large portion of his time at Morgrave University in Sharn devouring all the books in the libraries. He was originally built for maintaining and improving a soldier’s equipment on top of his initial training as a soldier. He works as a magewright in Middle Dura using his access to several Item Crafting feats and a few spells. The money he makes as a magewright he uses to fund his obsession with history and knowledge at Morgrave University.


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