Syra Telgar

Human sorceress, instructor


Syra Telgar, a human sorceress and Cyran refugee and instructor at Morgrave University. Syra is a tall (5’10" or so) rotund human woman with plain features, light hazel eyes, copper hair liberally threaded with gray, and a light tan sprinkled with freckles.


Syra is a human sorceress and Cyran refugee, regular customer of Relics, with whom a friendly acquaintance has grown out of discussing theory and practical application of our individual types of magic.

Syra’s soldier husband was killed in the war. Her parents and his are long gone, so she is left with her seven year old son alone in the world. She found a position as an instructor at Morgrave after immigrating to Sharn in the wake of the Mourning. She is a warm and welcoming motherly woman of good cheer who accepts others at face value until they give her reason not to, the type who wants to feed and care for the world.

Syra Telgar

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