Sivis Message Station of Barmni Tower


The Sivis Message Station of Barmni Tower is a small neat office that seems to specialize in messages for adventurer-types. This is not intentional but just seemed to happen.
The message station office is located on the skybridge as you are approaching Barmin Tower. The door of the office is simple stained wood with the crest of House Sivis embossed and painted on it. Inside is a neat little office were the space is used precisely, no clutter and no space is wasted. The walls are lined with shelves with neatly organized scrolls, records and messages. The sending stone is displayed prominently on a central table. Large windows in the front of the office let in a good amount of light during the day. At night the everbright lanterns keep the office well lit.


  • Bendin d’Sivis
  • Malen d’Sivis
  • Sol d’Sivis
  • Tassel d’Sivis
  • Vanira d’Sivis

Sivis Message Station of Barmni Tower

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