Lord Major Bren ir'Gadden

Patron of the party and ranking officer in the King's Citadel


Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden is a Brelish officer the PCs were sent to capture on 20 Olarune, 994 YK, the Day of Mourning. Bren stands 5’9" with mid-length brown hair, with light-brown eyes and a simple close-cut beard. He is well built and carries himself like he’s in charge at all times.
The ir’Gadden family is a Khoravar (half-elf) family, one of the prominent noble families of Breland. From this alliance, the Gadden family was able to become extremely wealthy. Near the beginning of the Last War, Karver Gadden, Bren’s grandfather, offered to finance large shipments of weapons and eventually warforged from House Cannith for Breland; this show of loyalty earned them the ability to marry into the extended royal family, and the ir’Gadden line was created.
He tracked down the PCs along with other Cyran survivors, to invite them to a special observance of the Day of Mourning.


Bren grew up resentful of being “new royalty,” and sought to prove himself on the battlefield. He was assigned an aide from House Medani, Aric Blacktree, who was openly hired by his father to look after his son. Bren witnessed the events of the Day of Mourning up-close and personal. Each year he holds a gathering at his estate in Sharn as a testiment to that great tragedy. This year he is holding the event on a balcony near his estate for special guests. He carries himself with all the pride of his station, and is a gracious and gregarious host.
About a year after the day of Mourning, Bren dismissed Aric, primarily because of his deteriorating mental state after being overly exposed to a Draconic Prophecy manifestation, and partially to show that he had grown past the need to have his family protect him. Though, he did take pity on Aric and personally covered the long-term healing expenses that were incurred.

Lord Major Bren ir'Gadden

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