Greykell ir'Ryk


Greykell ir’Ryc was a female human captain in the Cyran army. She fought on the Karrnathi front during the Last War, where she lost her right eye. During 994 YK, a mission to Droaam brought her into contact with the Daughters of Sora Kell and into conflict with the Blood of Vol. During the mission, she found her missing eye replaced with an ancient Dhakaani artifact: The Key to the Kingdom of Night. After Cyre’s destruction she became one of the thousands of Cyran refugees in Sharn, hiding from the Blood of Vol.


Lady Greykell was born of the ir’Ryc family, one of the lesser noble families in Cyre. She joined the Cyran Army, and rose to the rank of captain during the Last War. She fought many Karrnathi Bone Knights and warforged titans on the Karrnathi/Cyre front. She became one of the few female captains on Cyre’s southern front, and used brilliant but unorthodox strategies to defeat her foes. She inspired her troops, and was praised by even the queen herself.
In 994 YK, Greykell was assigned a squad with a special mission: follow a Karrnathi squad into Droaam, determine their reason for going after the ruins of the Kech Nasaar, and leave no Karrnathi alive. She took an elite squad of 7 Cyrans into Droaam on the Karrnathi’s trail, but were ambushed by the Karrnathi at the ruins. However, the Karrns were equally ambushed by the gnoll hordes of Droaam. The gnolls brought the survivors of both squads (Greykell and a warforged named Mace for the Cyrans, and Captain Suradin and three other Karrnathi) to their rulers, the Daughters of Sora Kell.

Suradin’s squad was after what the goblins called Kur Lheshat Nasaar, The Key to the Kingdom of Night. The Daughters released both teams into undercity of the Great Crag, each vying to find the Key. The two teams clashed, and Greykell came out victorious with the Key, what Sora Teraza called the Eye of the Wolf.

However, once Greykell returned to Cyre, she found it destroyed by the Day of Mourning. After the destruction of Cyre, Greykell found herself a refugee. She found her way to Sharn, where she was hunted down by a Blood of Vol fanatic.

Greykell ir'Ryk

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