Captain ir'Koristo

Captain in the Cyran Army that sends the party on its first task


Captain ir’Koristo has large brown eyes that are like two tiger-eye gems. His luxurious, straight, dark-brown hair is worn in the practical short military style. He’s got a thick moustache. He is very tall and has a masculine build. His skin is pale and never seems to tan. He has a strong jaw with a number of scars. His wardrobe is military standard accented with higher quality adornments.


Captain ir’Koristo is a low ranking nobleman that distinguised himself in the Last War. As the second-son to the Koristro family in Cyre he stood no chance to inherit so he had to make his own fortune.
Unfortunately he died with so many others at the Battle of Saerun Road on the Day of Mourning.

Captain ir'Koristo

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