Aric Blacktree


Aric Blacktree has beady brown eyes that are like two bronze coins. His thick, straight, dark brown hair is worn long and it seems like he barely takes care of it. He has a thin build. His skin is light-colored almost pale. He doesn’t appear to have shaved in a day or so. He has prominent ears and large hands.


Aric Blacktree was the assitant to Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden prior to the events at the tower on the Day of Mourning. Shortly after he recovered from his exposure to the Draconic Prophecy he was released from ir’Gadden’s service. This dismissal came as he cracked under the horrors he was exposed to. Aric was remanded to a House Jorasco healing house for care. He stayed there for about 2 and a half years before House Jorasco deemed him recovered.
He attended Bren ir’Gadden’s commemoration of the Day of Mourning and encountered the PCs once again. When asked he simply stated he has “fallen on hard times.”
It seems he is responsible for the Mourning Haunt being set loose on the commemoration. Also, was responsible for the Eldritch machine that appeared to have been designed to destroy a tower in Sharn. Aric seems to have disappeared when he fell after his soarsled broke apart while attacking the PCs.

Aric Blacktree

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