Heroes with no Homeland

The Forgotten Forge part 2

Two bright flashes of light, followed by the crashing sound of metal and stone as the escaping warforged fell back down the stairs to the sewers. Two small smoking, melted holes in its chest.
Mending their wounds the party searched their assailants for anything of value. After which they moved on to find their way down to the forgotten forge.
A little further down the sewer the party came across a metal hatch set into the wall of the sewer. Set into the hatch was a symbol similar to the one set in the journal of Bonal Geldem, a stylized anvil and hammer. Lining the edges of the hatch were arcane runes that were clearly a defensive ward. After numerous attempts at disarming the magical trap and being struck by acid orbs, Relic managed to disarm the trap. However, she quickly realized that their was no obvious operational lock on the hatch. Rune suggested trying the journal, which while Relic was taking a moment to study the door, Sin quickly put the journal against the hatch. The runes lit up and the hatch moved out of the way revealing a vertical shaft. The interior of which is a mix of crumbling earth and ancient stone, and centipedes and other insects covering the walls like living decorations.
Rose cast light on an arrow and dropped it down the shaft. The light disappeared into the black of the shaft. Rune tied a rope around herself and Sin took it down into the shaft. The length of rope ended before the tunnel did but she could see the bespelled arrow down below. The shaft curved and eventually opened into a dark cavern. The rest of the party climbed down the shaft after attaching another length of rope to the first. Joining Sin down in the abandoned cavern the noises of skittering and clicking insects increased dramatically.
The party was quickly set up on by a swarm of biting beetles. Sin quickly ran for the walls as the rest of the party tried to destroy the swarm. Alchemists fire, acid, magical blasts and summoning bats wasn’t quite enough to destroy the swarm. The short battle with the swarm was brought to an end when Rune threw her bulk down on the swarm and crushed the beetles. After clearing the last of the beetles off of and out of their clothes and bodies they moved on only to be jumped by enormous rats covered with bony armored plates and caustic saliva dripping from their horrid fangs.
Tayla fell to the initial onslaught of the rats acidic bites. The rest of the party destroyed the two vicious rats with the last one exploding in a shower of gore under the shocking grasp spell of Rose. The party decided to find some sort of refuge to recover from their wounds. Rose and Sin went to investigate an intact building they could see on the edge of the light provided by the sunrods they were carrying. On the way over to the building Rose confronted Sin about the debt she has accrued to Sin gaining clarification on what she agreed to. After their discussion they realized they were standing infront of an old temple to Onatar. The temple ruins provided a safe rest place for the party to recover. With the warforged soldier Rune watching over the resting party they recovered from their wounds.
After resting the party headed out and after coming around the large stone column that supports the roof, they came to a large building with impressive adamantine doors with the hammer and anvil symbol of House Cannith. After trying the journal to open the doors, unsuccessfully, they searched the outside of the building finding nothing but rubble.
Sin walked up the wall to discovering a hole in the roof. Dropping a rope for the party to climb up with they managed to climb up on the roof and then down into the forge itself.
Shortly after climbing down the guardians of the forge attacked the party. These iron defenders tore into the party. Shortly after the party was attacked, they manage to destroyed the ancient defenders. Upon defeating the humonculi small metal rods ejected from their canine foreheads. A rectangular rod and a triangular rod. Sin took the rods and the group investigated the forge. After recovering the various items of value lying around the forge they discovered a series of shaped indentations above the forge; a pentagon, a triangle, and a rectangle. Realizing they need a third rod Sin goes over to the rubble from where the roof fell in hides the body of a third iron defender. Rune heaves the large stone covering the iron defender and Sin slips in and pulls the pentagon rod from the crushed creature.
Sin took the rods and tried placing them into the openings in the forge. First the pentagon rod, but that caused an electric blast on the metal floor around the forge. Realizing there was a pattern that had to be followed, Sin put the rods in in the correct order. Once the last rod locked into place the hidden vault opened. Containing the schema they were sent down here to recover among other coins and items. The gathered their loot and left through the doors which were easy to unlock from the inside.
However, upon exiting the forge a flaming bolt struck the building and a voice from the darkness, naming itself Saber, declared they turn over the schema and walk away. The party decided that was not going to happen. As they went to attack the unseen assailant two iron defenders came around and attacked flanking the party. The iron defenders struck swiftly and nearly took down Rose but Tayla held her own. Rune headed to find the crossbowman with Relic backing her up. Finding the crossbowman to be another warforged soldier. With a crack of thunder the lightning from the shocking grasp spell against the iron defender destroyed it, reducing it to electrified slag, while Tayla tore the other one to pieces with her sharrash. Relic moved around the warforged Saber while Rune had him distracted and reached out with the arcane power of an artificer and tore at the threads of life that make up the lifeforce of the warforged.
Realizing the threat that Relic represented Saber took to attacking Relic as the larger threat. Rose seeing an opening in the battle tried to jump up on the rubble and aiming to deliver a brutal shocking grasp spell to Saber. However, the warforged soldier ducked beneath the crackling hand and drove his sword into her side, dropping her. Sin moved forward to pull Rose away from the dangerous warforged and began to bandage her, getting her white gloves covered in blood. Tayla used the power of her dragonmark of healing to help Rose before continuing on to attack the warforged soldier. With the halfling’s healing touch Rose got to her feet and went after the warforged again. While Sin moved to a more advantageous postion up on the stone column.
Surrounded by a dangerous artificer, warforged soldier, sorceress with hands crackling electricity and a screaming talenta halfling, Saber made a desperate cleaving attack. He managed to strike down Rose and Rune as he clove through the four surrounding him. Sin holared that she had just bandaged those wounds at Rose. With a violence that would make the Fury herself proud, Tayla slashed out with the sharrash and sliced through the living would and adamantine plating that made up Saber’s body, cutting him in half at the waist bringing an end to the battle.
With a chance to catch their breaths, literally and figuratively, the group decided that it would be wise to rest up in the safety of the ruined temple of Onatar.
Recovered for the most part from their ordeal outside of the forge the adventurers make their way back up into the city. On the way up an arguement occurs between the warforged siblings, Relic and Rune, about some additional repairs that Rune feels are imperative while Relic wants to hold on to her remaining arcane power just in case. Its quite the sight to see warforged bickering in such a human fashion. Arguing to the point of beating the proverbial dead horse, in fact.
Returning to the Rat’s Market they notice the lack of people from what is normally a bustling sale of junk and garbage. In fact its deserted. As the realize this four freshly killed zombies shamble from the various passage entrances into the Rat’s Market. Sin immediately disguises herself, magically as a zombie. Behind the walking dead come three men, two human one half-orc, wearing the distinctive armor and tabard of the the Emerald Claw.
The half-orc leader demands the party turns over the schema and they will be allowed to live. Refusing the party attacks the zombies. Sin waves the schema at the Emerald Claw and then runs down one of the passages, she believes will lead up to more populated areas, all asses and elbows. The half-orc orders the other two Emerald Claw agents to get her and retrieve the schema. The party dispatches the zombies and with a thunderous, powerful discharge of her shocking grasp spell, Rose fries the Emerald Claw half-orc in his own armor. The two Emerald Claw agents that were chasing after Sin break off and return to see the party dispatching the remaining zombies. Thy decide it would be wiser to break off the attack and report that the schema was not recovered. Searching the Emerald Claw bodies the party discovered instructions for the Emerald Claw soldiers from someone named Garrow.
The party returned to the Broken Anvil without Sin, who did show up after a bath and change of clothes. The halfling matron of Anvil offered cleaning and food and drink for her guests while they waited for Lady Elaydren to arrive. Elaydren arrived a while later with a large warforged bodyguard. They reported that there were warforged after the schema and there were Emerald Claw agents after it as well. Elaydren took this news cautiously and graciously accepted the schema, which Sin was seemingly reluctant to turn over but did. She gave the party House Kundarak letters of credit, as it is unwise to travel in Sharn with large amounts of coin on one’s person, even with an impressive warforged to protect it.
As she was leaving she told the matron of the Broken Anvil that she would pay for their meals and drinks, though within reason, and that the party should, if they are interested in working again, check in periodically with the Sivis message station in Barmni Tower.



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