Heroes with no Homeland

The Forgotten Forge part 1

Zolday 24 Olarune 998 YK

Around 7th bell, while the her companions were sleeping in their homes, Relic had a visitor at Maidera’s Craftworks. A warforged of very light armoring, in fact none, which indicated it might be designed as some sort of caster, came in for some repairs. The plates covering its body were enamled in a deep green and it seemed to possess a female personality. She needed repairs on a wand compartment built into her right arm. While Relic repaired the mysterious warforged, she talked to Relic about how she was going to waste with toiling away fixing lanterns and such, wasting her potential and skill. Relic did not entirely agree with the mysterious green warforged, and once Relic finished the repairs the mysterious warforged went on her way, saying they would talk again.

Later that evening, just after the 8th bell of the night, the group enjoyed a victory meal at a particularly nice restaurant in Upper Menthis. While everyone enjoyed a fine meal, Tayla stuck to biscuits and water, until Rose bought a meal for the indebted helfling. After the meal they were headed away from the restaurant, through the heavy rain when Rose saw something in a flash of lightning.
A cloaked figure over a body lying in a pool of blood and rain. The mysterious figure vaulted over the railing leaving the dead body clutching something. Rose decided to go investigate while Sin suggested that they just inform the watch. She followed the well-meaning Rose grumbling about would-be heroes.
While investigating the dead body Sin took the leather satchel that the man was carrying and was immediately interested in the leather journal with mithral threading on it. While the rest looked for identification. The dead man turned out to be Provost Bonal Geldem of the School of Pre-Galifar Studies at Morgrave University. While investigating the body Relic was struck violently from behind by the cloaked figure with a cry of “flesh-loving traitor!”

Sharn Inquisitive

Wirday 25 Olarune 998 YK
pg. 6
Evening assassination in the depths of the worst storm of Olarune. Provost Geldem of the School of Pre-Galifar Studies at Morgrave University was found brutally slain on the skybridge between Dalannan Tower and the Kelsa Spire. According to witness accounts there was a battle between a warforged assassin and a group consisting of a warforged, a human female, an elven male and a talenta halfling woman. The battle didn’t last long and by accounts it originally looked like the group was killing someone.
According to Sgt. Dolom, who was first on the scene, the group cooperated with the authorities, though the elven man leaped from the railing apparently not wanting to deal with the authorities. After a quick investigation the group of adventurers were allowed to go on their way.

Tasheth Ramnen Dacaka

Once on their way the party was met by a mysterious cloaked figure that was standing at the mouth of a dark alley. Displaying a ring with the Gorgon mark of House Cannith informed the party that if they wanted to know more about the situation surrounding the death of Bonal Geldem they should head to the Broken Anvil at dawn. Figuring this for a trap, the party still decided to meet up and go to the tavern.
Arriving at the House Ghallanda sponsored tavern they are met by the halfling matron running the place who led them to the back of the common room to meet with Lady Elaydren d’Vown and the long lost warforged sister of Relic, Rune. Lady Elaydren told them of Bonal Geldem and the forgotten Cannith foundry deep down in the depths of Sharn. After a long period of discussion about the whereabouts of this forgotten forge, the party decided to accept working for Lady d’Vown and find this forge. However, they needed a day to prepare for the excursion into the Depths of Sharn.

Wirday 25 Olarune 998 YK

Following the map from the Geldem’s journal the party found their way down to the last inhabited level of Dorasharn Tower. following the narrow, claustrophobic corridors they party found their way to the Rat’s Market. Looking for a way down to the sewers the party started by asking a poor shifter who told them to ask the goblin merchant. The goblin had a number of uninteresting pieces of junk on his blankets but clearly his sharp ears had overheard the party looking for a valve cluster. He demanded 100 sovereigns for his information. Haggling and threats broke out between the party and the goblin merchant. In the end Rune, frustrated at the haggling, just handed over 4 gold gallifars to the goblin who quickly closed up shop, packed up his merchandise and led the party down to the valve cluster. During the haggling the party noticed a shifter with a particular interest in the party that disappeared into the crowd.
Once down into the fragrant sewer the goblin took the rest of his pay and went on his merry way. In the valve cluster the party was jumped by poor looking shifters, one of which they recognized as the shifter watching them in the Rat’s Market. The shifter’s charged and engaged Rune. During the battle Rose learned a valuable lesson regarding electricity and water as she shocking grasped one of the shifters. A warforged assassin struck Relic from the shadows in her side. The attacking shifters tore into Rune and pulled her away from her companions while the warforged struck at the rest of the party. After Rune pulled out of their grasp, Tayla drove a dagger deep into the back of one of the shifters who was than knocked down by a blast of sewage coming from the nearby valve. Rune and Tayla destroyed the fallen shifter as he tried to rise to his feet. Rune struck a staggering blow on the last shifter and Tayla took off his head with her sharrash. The warforged assassin was struck a couple of times by Rose’s claws before taking off up the stairs back to the areas above.



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