Heroes with no Homeland

Shadows of the Last War - part 4

Farday 13 Therendor 998 YK

After resting the party gathered to explore the facility further.
They made their way to the second rotator room and used the orange keycharm. The path revealed to them was incredibly bright, almost blindingly. As they entered into the hallway they realized they couldn’t hear a thing. Though Rose did manage a spell without any difficulty. Deciding to head forward they came into an even brighter chamber where an amorphous mass of shifting color attacked them. They quickly dispatched the living color spray spell.
Continuing on into the next chamber where they were assaulted with incredible flames. Which upon examination were revealed to be an illusion of another much larger burning chamber. Finding a red keycharm on the wall in the illusory flames. Backtracking through the far less bright hallway. They headed into the burned hallway, which they had avoided previously. Another living spell attacked the party. They made short work of the living flaming sphere. Though not without suffering some burns themselves. In the chamber at the end of the hall the party discovered a brown keycharm on one of the undecayed corpses in the baths.
Using the brown keycharm the party discovered the facility’s dinning hall and kitchens. Where they found several more blue and brown keycharms. Trying the second direction of the first rotator room they ended up finding a storage room with some healing potions. Afterward they went to the office near where Rorsa and her pack are at. Inside they found the captain of the guard’s room containing serveral swords, a shield and a chain shirt. They also discovered another red keycharm in there as well.
Than they went back to the third rotator room to try and use the keycharms that they had. However, they found the room was trapped when they activated the rotator room without the red keycharm. The room went dark and quickly shifted so the entrance was down. The second time they tried a keycharm without the red one Relic fell through the opening down into the water below. They lowered rope down to her and pulled her up. Finally figuring out to leave the red keycharm in place they managed to shift the room into the proper position. Moving down the revealed an intensely hot corridor they came to a pair of adamantine doors with the symbol of house Cannith on it.
Entering into the room which was the one revealed in the other fiery room.
This large chamber stretches away from the doorway, and intense heat shimmers in the air. A raging bonfire burns about 40 feet away, near the far wall, casting dancing shadows across the room. A second one burns about 60 feet away, along the southern wall. In the center of the room, a large crucible filled with bubbling molten glass radiates terrible heat. Long snaking heads made of iron and brass rise up from the molten pool like some metal hydra. Just south of the crucible and the construct, a crystalline chest reflects hot light. Through the translucent material the chest contains a variety of objects, including what can only be the diamond-shaped schema. Then with an angry crackle of flame and a threatening hiss of steam, the bonfires began to move and attack.
The fire elementals attacked the party and they managed to defeat them. Recovering the contents of the chest which did infact have the piece of the schema that the party was looking for. Along with a second copy and a large creation pattern which had spaces in it for the schema. The party discovered that there were controls for the roof of the facility. Using the controls Rose and Sin got the top opened. They went back to get Rorsa and her pack so they could escape the facility. Rorsa and the pack quickly bounded out of the facility into the Mournland. The party followed, eager to get out of the intensely hot chamber.
Once out of the chamber and back into the mists of the Mournland the party found themselves quickly surrounded by the Emerald Claw and the dwarven glass zombies of Rose Quarry. Serously outnumbered the party was given a choice by the vampire Brother Garrow. Turn over the third schema or be killed and be reanimated. Sin realized that their was a nearly imperceptable feeling given off by the true schema and the party turned over the copy to Garrow. Who took it from Rose, after stepping out of the concealing mists. As the Emerald Claw saddled up and left, Brother Garrow issued an order to the dwarven glass zombies to kill the party. The party retreated back into the Cannith facility through the roof opening with Rune and Tayla holding off the zombies as the others retreated. Rose and Sin quickly got to the controls and as Rune finally got back in they set the roof to closing. As it did it crushed several zombies.
Exiting the facility the way they came in, the party made their way back to Failin and his elemental land cart. Failin took them back to Rhukaan Draal where they meet with Lady Elaydren and gave her the piece of the schema. Each receiving Cannith letters of credit for 2000 gold. She offered to get the party back home to Sharn. Having accepted they were to head out the next day.



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