Heroes with no Homeland

Shadows of the Last War - part 2

Sulday 8 Therendor 998 YK

With Failin at the helm, humming quietly to himself, or maybe to the land cart, the party headed toward Rose Quarry. The journey was for the most uneventful accept for one incident.
When the party was a couple of days out the land cart was struck and flipped on its side, throwing the party around a bit. Failin called for help from outside. The party hurried out of the overturned cart to find two large minotaurs waiting for them. As soon as they came out the minotaurs charged the warforged, goring them viciously. The party took care of the minotaurs quickly, espcially Rune who managed to break the skull of one minotaur.
During the battle the land cart continued vaguely forward until Failin managed to stop it and then he coaxed it back onto the wheels. While informing the party that the minotaurs that attacked them belonged to followers of the Horned God. After the battle the party continued on to Rose Quarry.

Wirday 11 Therendor 998 YK

Arriving just after nightfall in the ruins of Rose Quarry where Failin calls into the back to the party, asking “We’re you expecting company?” The party got a look at Rose Quarry, in the distance, in the light of three nearly full moons. The village is completely ruined, most of the buildings are just charred rubble surrounded by wall fragments. Curiously though everything in the village seemed to glisten as though covered in ice even though its early spring in southern Khorvaire. Additionally, another light source, other than the moons, could be seen in the southern part of the village. A fire glowing in a large pit, surrounded by four large tents with figures moving about. Tayla’s eyes picked up more than the rest of the party noting the figures were wearing half-faceplate helms wearing chainmail and a couple of skeletons were also near the encampment.
Tayla asked Sin if she was willing to go and take a look. Sin inquired if Tayla was asking her and the entire party became paranoid of owing Sin. Rune flatly refused to ask Sin thinking she would owe the enigmatic Sin anything. So Tayla went slunk down to the ruined village, while Failin moved the land cart out of sight. Down at the camp Tayla found that there were six armored Emerald Claw soldiers seated around the fire along with a man in banded mail chanting while holding an ornate dagger, chanting to himself. Off the sides two pairs of skeletons armed with scythes could be seen just outside of the firelight.
Moving on to find what was making the rhythmic noises that the party heard as they arrived. As she moved a little further into ruins she noticed that the entire village was covered in nearly a foot of glass. Burned bodies of the dwarven workers could be clearly seen within the glass. Throughout the village areas of glass had been broken open as though someone has been searching for something. Noting a screeching noise Tayla investigated further finding dwarven glass-covered zombies some shambling around an some zombies digging into the glass. After noting all of this Tayla headed back to the party.
After about 30 minutes Tayla returned and told the party what she saw. Rune decided that there was no way to sneak around the inattentive soldiers and the only option was to attack the encamped group. Tayla was given the job to try and kill the man chanting as they believed him to be a spellcaster. They gave Tayla a head start to get into position and then they headed down to the encampment.
Tayla got into position right before the party came up to the encampment. Marching right up the road and between two of the ruins creating a bottleneck. The Emerald Claw heard the party coming up on them and quickly mobilized. As the party attacked, and were attacked by the skeletons acting as sentinels, the camp the number of soldiers nearly doubled along with another spellcaster, a gaunt robed woman. Tayla’s chances of getting a quick shot on the armored spellcaster were gone with three of the Emerald Claw soldiers emerging in the between her and the spellcaster.
The battle was a disaster for the party as quickly Tayla fell from the onslaught and Snap dragged her away. Sin took some serious damage from the scythes the skeletons carried and quickly fled before getting even more seriously hurt, if not killed. Rose was slammed up against a ruined glass covered wall and beaten severely by the Emerald Claw flails. Relic took serious damage between the Emerald Claw and the undead. Rune held the bottleneck taking hits left and right.
The Emerald Claw soldiers were nothing less than merciless in there attacks. The spellcasters debilitating the party with various spells. The female spellcaster launching numerous magic missiles into the party and terrifying Tayla with fear spells. The armored spellcaster directing the Emerald Claw soldiers while wielding terrifying magic.
Managing to retreat from the unfortunate battle, though Sin moved, stealthily to try and get some more information from the tents. Not finding, any she snuck up to the two remaining buildings in Rose Quarry. Seeing a deathyly pale man in dark robes with two more Emerald Claw soldiers and some more of the glass covered dwarven zombies. The zombies temporarily noticed the hidden Sin. Managing to lose the attention quickly, she headed to the two buildings. The smaller of the two was clearly a former church to the Sovereign Host and the other was a Cannith refinery, one right across the road from the other. Sin headed into the workshop to try to find clues to the location of Whitehearth.
The refinery constructed of walls of red marble, an engraved symbol of house Cannith carved into the keystone above the doorway. The outer walls were intact while the roof, doors and upperfloors had been burned to ciders and rubble along with a layer of glass covering much of the building. Inside the main room of the refinery the majority of the glass and rubble has been cleared away revealing a detailed embossed map of Khorvaire. On the walls Large fireplaces, flanked by statues and carved by different types of stone, (red stone in the north, black stone in the west and white stone in the south).
Sin searched around quickly eventually finding the statues had writing on them. The writing on each statue seemed to indicate a way to find the location of the place mentioned. The red dragon statue, by the red stone fireplace, said “Whitehearth, White Seal, NE 9.” Looking around Sin managed to figure out there were house Cannith seals carved into the stone in front of each fireplace. The one she was looking for was still covered in rubble, which she cleared away quickly. Poking at the seal, trying to twist the seal and not having any effect. She managed to figure out the trick, walking 9 steps from the seal, of the white fireplace, she came to a place that was with in Cyre, roughly 30 miles from Rose Quarry.
Hearing voices in the distance Sin quickly got out of the refinery, after quickly moving the rubble back onto the fireplace. Slipping out of the refinery, Sin could see the deathly pale man and more Emerald Claw soldiers heading back toward Sin’s location. Sin quietly fled the village in a long, winding way back to the party.
Everyone finally got back together and nursed their wounds.



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