Heroes with no Homeland

Shadows of the Last War - part 1

Wirday 4 Therendor 998 YK

Having had a little time to recover from their investigation of the beheadings caused by the misguided Cyran avengers. The party returned to their usual day to day. Until Rose received a message from a former patron. Delivered by a swooping giant owl, who dropped the satchel, containing the message, at her feet.

The normal means of communication seems to have been compromised, so I have sent this special messenger to personally find you and deliver this letter.
You served me once before, and now I need your help again. Time is short. I feel that our enemies have discovered me and are closing in.
Meet me at the Broken Anvil tavern where we first discussed heirlooms and job opportunities. Act quickly, for I believe that we are all in terrible danger
Your patron,
Lady E.

Rose gathered the group together showing them the message she received. Deciding to find out more the group decided to find out what this was all about. Rune counciled splitting up and taking different routes to the Broken Anvil tavern, in the Masons Tower. So Relic and Rune took one route and Rose, Sin and Tayla took another. Still arriving at the Broken Anvil at about the same time.
Upon entering the tavern, they found it to be empty except for the halfling matron that runs the establishment and one cloaked patron who raised her hand in an arcane gesture before recognizing the party.
Lady Elaydren d’Cannith, no longer wearing her fine glamorweave clothing and expensive jewelry, sat at a table gesturing to the party to come closer. Expressing that there was little time and someone was after her she hoisted up a good-sized leather backpack and told them to follow the instructions in the left pocket. As Rune reached for the backpack the doors to the Broken Anvil flew open and six short, reptilian, kobold, attackers armed with short swords and a burly warforged soldier. As soon as they came in the warforged soldier fired off a bolt that caught Lady Elaydren in the arm. Sin grabbed the backpack and hurried onto the ceiling to keep it out of the reach of the kobolds.
The party engaged the kobolds in between the party and the warforged soldier, who was quietly chanting some sort of religious dogma to himself. The kobolds worked cleverly together and worked in teams of two to flank the party. This technique making it hard for Tayla to properly wield her sharrash. Lady Elaydren flipped the table over to take cover and tend to the crossbow bolt in her arm. Meanwhile the warforged continues to fire bolts at the party, hitting Sin through her protective enchantments.
The kobold prove to be a serious threat dispite their small stature and the average kobold reputation but the party manages to clear out half, providing Rune a clear path to engage the warforged. As she approached, he drew his greatsword to try and strike down his sister warforged. The wounds that the kobolds inflicted upon Tayla drove her into a rage. That rage kept her standing dispite further wounds from the kobold short swords. Rose attempted to give the raging halfling a cure potion however the enraged halfling was not thinking and she decided to splash her with the curative potion rather than get close to the whirling sharrash of Taylay. The party dispatched the rest of the kobolds and attacked, in force, their warforged leader.
After, the battle Elaydren reiterated that the party needed to leave and there were instructions in the bag. She grabbed up the crossbow of the warforged and left quickly. The party decided to find someplace safe before looking into the bag and reading the instructions. Deciding on some place that their enemies would be unlikely to look for them, Sin lead them to the Cathedral of the Cleansing Flame where they were granted a quiet room to go through the bag Lady Elaydren gave them. Pulling out the instructions Sin sarcasticly read the letter;

My friends,
The object you recovered for me from the ruins beneath Sharn is a schema, a piece of a pattern used to create both mundane and magical. I have learned that another schema connected to this pattern was being studied in a secret Cannith workshop in Cyre, called Whitehearth. I wonder if this research is tied to the Day of Mourning?
Parts of my own house seek this pattern for evil purposes and I do not know whom to trust. So I turn to you. I need you to travel to Cyre find the workshop and recover the second schema.
The location of the workshop was a closely guarded secret lost when the patriarch of House Cannith died in the destruction of Cyre. You must travel to the House Cannith outpost in the town of Rose Quarry, in Darguun, to recover a record of all of Cannith’s hidden workshops.
In Rhukaan Draal, find a man named Failin in the Bloody Market. He can provide you with transport to Rose Quarry. From there, travel into the Mournland to find Whitehearth and the second schema. It is an adamantine plate in the shape of a diamond, about the size of a human’s palm. Once you have retrieved it, return to Rhukaan Draal where I will meet you. Succeed, and I will see to it that you are well rewarded for your courage.
Lady E.

Upon hitting the part about hitting the Mournland she steadfastly refused to go and handed off the instructions to Rose. However, other forces had other ideas. Rose continued to read the instructions while Sin seemed to be arguing with the glass orb she carries with her. After resigning herself to her Master’s instructions she began to go through the magical backpack, which really did contain just about everything they would need for the trip. The party took care of personal business while Rune went about finding out about passage to Rhukaan Draal. Discovering that there were no airships to take them but House Lyrandar did have an elemental galleon that was headed that way. While House Orien would arrange for them to travel by caravan after a Lightning Rail ride to Sterngate. Rune related this information to the party along with the approximate timeframes each direction would take. Deciding to take the ship after Sin objected, strongly, to anything that might have to make her ride on a horse. So after settling into the large cabin on the Lyrandar elemental galleon the night before the ship set off just before dawn.

Sarday 7 Therendor 998 YK

Traveling on the elemental galleon was fairly quiet and straight forward with only a single stop in the Zilargo city of Korranberg. For the most part the ship stayed within eye sight of the coast. The party is not the only passengers on board the galleon, merchants and other travelers that have business in Korranberg or Rhukaan Draal were aboard as well. Once the galleon headed into the waters of Kraken Bay there was a bit of excitement.
That night most of the party was up on deck stargazing for lack of any other exciting activities, while Relic stayed below working on various do-dads and whatchamaycallits that artificiers put together for their work. When the party noticed that the evening fog was getting fairly thick a lot faster than it should be. Then Tayla heard a sort of scratching along the side of the ship. Then, as she was going to investigate the noise a skeleton with a rusty cutlass began pulling itself over the railing. Tayla immediately began stabbing at it with the dagger she had, the sharrash was left in the cabin. Rose blasted it off the side with a volley of magic missile. However, a large number of skeletons were coming up over the side of the ship. All in all a dozen of the undead clamored up over the railing and the crew of the ship and the party were engaged in a savage battle. With skeletal fragments and dust filling the air the marauding undead were dealt with. The only casualty of this battle being one of the half-elven Lyrandar crew. The captain thanked the party and rewarded them for their effort and when Rose told them they should use the money for the dead crewman’s family the captain just smiled and told them there was no need to worry about that.
Tayla took the death of the crewman a bit harder than one would expect of the dangerous Talenta Halfling.

Sulday 8 Therendor 998 YK

The elemental galleon sailed up the river to Rhukaan Draal arriving by mid-morning. The party stepped off the galleon into the goblinoid metropolis. Taking a moment to take in the architecture of the city before trying to find the Bloody Market and Failin. They asked one of the Lyrandar sailors if he knew where the Bloody Market was and found out that the crew didn’t often, or at all, take shore leave in Rhukaan Draal. So they set out to find someone who would help. Tayla located a goblin heading somewhere with a wheeled cart and holding up a gold gallifar, asked where the Bloody Market was. The goblin replied in goblin that it would take three of the coins for the information. After paying him and then getting scolded by Sin for flashing gold coins around they set out to the Bloody Market.
It took a few minutes to realize when they had entered the Bloody Market as there were no obvious changes in the ramshackle design of the city. Once they saw a couple of bugbears beat a goblin thief to death they realized they were in the right place. So needing to find the location of Failin, Sin went to talk to one of the hobgoblin guards. With bugbears looming behind the hobgoblin, Sin began to haggle with the guard over the cost of information. While he did not know who this Failin was, he did know someone who would know. Once the price was agreed upon Rune handed over the money with the zest of a miser. Sin was proud of how much the warforged soldier had learned about flashing money around.
Going into the large tent the hobgoblin guard had indicated, the party found an older, blind hobgoblin woman. Who seemed to know them and seemed to be able to see them. They if she new of Failin and she told them she did but the price would be a plate of the “mithral warforged.” So after some hesitation Relic turned over a spare piece that she had and the party was told to go to the Clenched Fist tavern. They couldn’t miss it.
Finding the Clenched Fist was very easy as you can’t miss the mummified ogre fist nailed to the placard over the door. Inside was the dive that was expected. This was clearly a place that people go to to not be discovered or bothered by such trifling things as the law. Asking the bartender for Failin they were directed to a booth in a back corner. Failin greeted the party members that approached him and when they finally told him where they needed to go he said he’d do if for 60 gallifars. Feeling this man was trying to cheat them the party threatened and insulted him but they agreed on a more reduced price.
Leaving the seedy tavern just in time to avoid a confrontation with a group of bugbears that were looking for Failin the party was lead to a large stone outcropping far from the Bloody Market. After placing his dragonmark of passage against the stone, a wondrous cart came out of it. This covered wagon, moving of its own volition, seems to be covered in shifting rock and gems and crystals with a fist sized khyber shard embedded in the front of it. This is Failin’s earth elemental powered land cart.
The party got in at Failin’s insistance and headed toward Rose Quarry.


Rune Part of me is excited about the prospect of going back to Crye, or rather the Mournlands. Yet another part of me fears it, fears to see what this dark magic has done to twist my former homeland.

Shadows of the Last War - part 1

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