Heroes with no Homeland

"Murders in the Lower Districts" Articles

Sharn Inquisitive

Molday 23 Olarune 998 YK

Now we all know murder in the City of Knives is nothing new. However, consecutive murders, serial murders if you will, are a reason for concern. Now these murders have been going on for well over a week now and while the murders are not frequent they do represent a pattern. The Sharn Watch seems to have tried to cover up these murders but there are always witnesses in the City of a Thousand Eyes and I have learned the descriptions of the victims.
Victims have similar traits to their demise. Gruesomely, all the bodies were found headless. In fact no form of identification paperwork was found on the body, at all. In fact the part of the neck that had been severed from its own head, was burned. This leads to the next of the links of these murders, the lack of blood at the crime scenes. For such gruesome wounds one would expect there to be a sizable amount of blood sprayed around. However, these poor souls were cut down at some other location only to have their lifeless corpses dragged across the city only to be dumped in public places in the Grayflood, Precarious & Callestan districts. Now, this reporter knows that someone has seen what happened to these lost souls, yet no one has come forward.
Now, this third fact of the murders does not carry across all the victims but the majority of the victims bore a particular tattoo. The other one did not have the same tattoo as the others but bore tattoos of his own. The tattoo was on their right forearms, is a silvery dragon with wings spread in full flight, rising over a stylized full moon. Now, this I know has been kept from public knowledge but speaking with sources, that shall remain nameless for their protection, that were at the locations where the victims were found I have learned of the distinctive mark. Now I haven’t been able to discover the meaning of these distinctive tattoos but rest assured that I shall endeavor to learn the meaning.
Now we know the linking factors of these murders; headless, lack of blood when the body was found, and the tattoos. One other factor we can take into consideration is that three of the bodies were human, and judging by the coloring of the body, most likely Brelish. The fourth body, the second to be murdered, was elven and from what I have been able to discover, the tattoos indicate Valenar. So, what we have here are three Brelish humans and one Valenar elf, decapitated, dumped in the public places of the lower districts, specifically the districts of Grayflood, Precarious & Callestan, and all tattooed. We also have some sort of cover-up by the Sharn Watch and possibly the King’s Citadel in regards to these bodies. Who is murdering these mean, clearly with the hope that the Keeper gets a hold of their souls? Why have their identities not been revealed publicly? What is the meaning of the dragon tattoos on the Brelish men?
Now people of Sharn don’t sit back idly expecting to be protected by our lax city watch, unless you have the money to live where their willing to do their jobs. Demand that these poor lost souls, who likely had families or at least someone who will mourn their loss, be given justice. This city sees so much death we must strive to be greater than the moniker ‘City of Knives’. Let us in a single voice demand justice not be ignored just because their bodies were found in the lower districts and they didn’t have any money on them.

Tasheth Ramnen Dacaka

Sharn Inquisitive

Wirday 25 Olarune 998 YK

Murder at the inns of the Greyflood district, specifically the Cracked Mirror. The Cracked Mirror is known as quiet, unremarkable inn, noted for a regular clientele of changelings and shifters. Just this morning a Cyran national, Krier Dorvain, was lying face up in the run-off ditch, his neck was slit from ear to ear and his shirt had been torn away. His assailants seemed to have carved into his dead flesh the single word – ‘TRAITOR.’
Dorvain was known in the refugee in inhabited High Walls district of Tavick’s Landing, for trying to get his fellow Cyrans to move on from the loss of their homeland. While not necessarily liked by his fellow Cyrans of High Walls he was at least respected by all accounts. His death has come as a blow to those Cyrans that supported his view point. The High Walls district has been a hot bed of controversy in the years since the Last War. From the Cyran refugees taking over the district to the growing split between the inhabitants over what direction they should go in, now that the treaty of Thronehold no longer acknowledges the existence of Cyre.
Krier Dorvain was a voice of reason between these two schools of thought. His work in High Walls to help his fellow Cyran refugees get back on their feet has been over shadowed in the last few months as he has become more vocal in his belief that his fellow Cyrans move on and find homes in Breland. Dorvain had his share of enemies and any number of them may or may not have been his murderer. However, until someone comes forth confessing to the murder or someone goes out of their way to find out what exactly happened, we will never know who slew this good man.

Iridel Haskell



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