Heroes with no Homeland

Lunch at the Edge of the Sky

After returning to Sharn, Sin propositions Rose. She asks if Rose wants her to find out what exactly House Cannith wants with these schema and the creation pattern they found in Whitehearth. Since, they are both in agreement that Lady Elaydren is being rather evasive on what the house’s plans are.
So Sin offers to infiltrate another dragonmarked house. In this case one of the houses that specialize in infiltration, House Thuranni. Agreeing that this is an idea worth merit, Sin heads off to infiltrate the house of assassins, saying “they would be very interested in her”. Additionally, Sin promises to send someone to help Rose while she is gone. Someone who owes her. Rose gives Sin a word for her replacement to say so that she know that Sin sent him or her.
Shortly after Sin’s departure from the party Relic and Rune depart from the group looking for a different path in their lives. Something to help them find their purpose.
A few weeks after that, Lord ir’Gadden summons Rose to discuss the departures. He makes it quite clear that he enjoys having a group of adventurers to call on when there are problems that fall outside of the standard methods. Rose indicates that she is intending on continuing to be in ir’Gadden’s employ. He encourages Rose to find replacements for those who departed.
So shortly after Rose’s discussion with Lord ir’Gadden, she and Tayla head off to the adventurer’s district of Clifftop to find some new recruits. Specifically to the Clifftop Adventurer’s Guild. Where Tayla immediately jumps up on a table and announces that they are looking for people to join them. After that she begins accusing the people in the Adventurer’s Guild of not having the stones for dangerous missions. Without any immediate responses Tayla announced where they could go if they wished to speak with them about joining up. Kicked over a drink or two and hopped off the table.
As Rose and Tayla were leaving a hooded man approached the them about joining up. He introduced himself as Kyrian. After they told him where tryouts would be he left to finish his drink. Next, they were approached by an elven woman, just outside of the guild. She introduced herself as Vivienne and shared that her skills were in stealth. Again, they told her were to go if she was serious about joining.
Later on that evening the tryouts were to show how well the potential party members could hold their own against Tayla. A number of young, stupid, drunk or any and all combinations of the three, showed up to take a stab at it. Showing most didn’t think very highly of the boisterous halfling. She quickly milled out the grist of the applicants. Then came Vivienne’s turn who fought dirty and won. Proving her skills more in deception and stealth than in a straight up fair fight. Against Kyrian she knocked him on his ass and banged him up good. While Kyrian was a competent fighter, his real skills showed when he called upon the Sovereign Host for healing. This act revealed his true and greatest skill, clerical magic. Though Vivienne lost some coin from her bets on the match. After that some more grist for the mill that was Tayla that night. When another came forward.
He called himself Bowen and was asking for Rose. When Rose came forward he said, “Pandorica” to her. This was the codeword that she had given Sin weeks before. Showing he had a few exotic talents of his own, manifesting a greatsword from sheer willpower alone for example, he took a try at the fierce Talenta halfling. Its only fair as everyone else has. He won several times. Which allowed Vivienne to break even on her betting.
So after the various bouts the group went in to the nearest tavern and had a few drinks

Molday 2 Dravago 998 YK
A week or so later, Lord ir’Gadden invites the party up to a nice restaurant called the Edge of the Sky up in the Skyway of Sharn. A fancy place with the most spectacular view. While they are enjoying the fine meal, ir’Gadden tells them he has received work of Aric Blacktree. Who apparently did not die in his fall. He was seen heading up the Dagger river in the company of many goblinoids, bugbears, goblins and hobgoblins. While they are discussing Aric, a group of undead repel into the restaurant crashing through the windows.
These fast moving undead continually utter “Karrnath!” Quickly breaking down into a fight. Ir’Gadden tosses Tayla the short sword he’s carrying while the rest of the party engage the undead. The two elven zombies hang back. The male one protecting the female spellcasting one. Shortly after the fight breaks out another individual, with a scar on his face near his right eye, casts a dispel magic, for some reason.
This dispelling has a terrible effect, the tower that the Edge of the Sky is located in, tears loose and begins falling. So not only does the party have to defend the patrons and themselves from a group of undead but are also plummeting hundreds of feet to the city below. As they fall the party manages to dispatch the Karrnathi Skeletons, but the two zombies seem to be much harder to dispatch. Bowen makes for them running along the wall, which was the ceiling moments before, and tries to engage the female spellcaster but the male gets into his way forcing the attack on himself. Vivienne, who was having a hard time finding her footing when the tower began falling, managed to sneak up on the spellcasting undead, stabbing her in the back. About this time Bowen figures out that these are Aereni elves who have made themselves look like the Deathless of Aerenal. Bowen tells Vivienne to keep them distracted while he tries something. He uses his powers to drastically slow the fall of the tower for a short time. Though this does give some of the remaining patrons and staff the opportunity to escape the Edge of the Sky. After taking more punishment than they were prepared to take the two elves escaped with the power to fly.
Bowen ran out of power and the tower fell a few more feat onto another tower, slid off of it and continued to fall. Crashing through a skybridge, which tore away a huge section of the tower. The party lept to safety, though Bowen missed his target due to exhaustion. Fortunately there is that standing bounty for the use of feather fall spells to save falling people. Bowen watched the tower smash into the space between the plateaus that Sharn is built upon. Looking up, he (and the rest of the party as well) could see that the vast majority of the patrons and staff were falling at a safe rate.
Bowen eventually landed next to the young wizard that saved his life, who had him sign a piece of paper saying that he did in fact get saved by they young man’s feather fall spell.



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