Heroes with no Homeland

Investigations in the Lower Districts

28 Olarune 998 YK

The each member of the party received a summons from Lord Bren ir’Gadden via personal courier. The summons told them to come to ir’Gadden’s estate in Middle Menthis that evening. Once they arrived the party was shown into a sitting room lined with bookshelves and a sideboard of fingerfoods and light wine and water. They didn’t have long to wait before ir’Gadden came in.
He asked the party if they had read the recent articles by Tasheth Dacaka. He even asked the actual Cyran, Rose, what her thoughts on the cause of the Mourning were. As “everyone knows who caused the Day of Mourning.” Acknowledging that they had read those articles ir’Gadden offered the party a job to look into the murders. Offering 300 gallifars each for their work with 50 upfront for expenses, no negotiations. The group accepted and ir’Gadden gave them the information that Madam Dacaka did not have.
The tattoos on the three human victims were from a Brelish special ops unit called the Moon Dragons. The Moon Dragons dealt in demoralization tactics in Cyre during the Last War. Their tactics were deplorable but the higher Brelish Generals felt that the end did in fact justify the means. Revealing that ir’Gadden is an officer in the King’s Citadel, yet not revealing what exactly that rank is. Ir’Gadden revealed his suspicions about who or what might be behind the beheadings. First theory is that these are a more violent group of Cyran Avengers that have decided to attack and kill the enemies of Cyre, Brelish terrorists and Valenar elves and what was a Cyran national that spoke out in moderation, Krier Dorvain.
Ir’Gadden’s other theory was that someone is framing the Cyrans. He is guessing that if this is true the group behind this would be the Swords of Liberty. A group of Brelish idealists that are seeking to undermine the monarchy of King Borenal ir’Wynarn. Replacing him with a parliment of wealthy merchants and noblemen. However, their tactics are designed around showing the weakness of the king’s rule, usually through bloody violence.
Ir’Gadden recommended that the party start in High Walls and speak to the Laughing Wolf,Greykell ir’Ryc. The self proclaimed sheriff of High Walls.
With the information ir’Gadden had they went to the High Walls district since that was where Dorvain was talking about finding new homes. The High Walls slums where not particularly friendly looking nor were the people of the district. The party was looking around for the Laughing Wolf and asked around for where to find her. They were directed to the larger tent in the middle of the tent town that cropped up in High Walls right after the Cyran refugees arrived.
After being allowed in Greykell spoke with the group about which of the refugees were likely to be more than outspoken in their viewpoints. While the Laughing Wolf didn’t know exactly which ones would fit the bill off hand, she did offer to get the group a list of names. Though she didn’t think any of the ones in High Walls really fit the bill. The more dangerous ones had been run out of the district. Promising to send the information, via Orien Courier, to Maidera’s Craftworks where Relic works. The party decided to go and make a quick investigation of the Callestan, Precarious and Greyflood districts where the bodies were found.
While walking through the Callestan district, Tayla recognized where they were and remembered a “friend” that might be able to help them find out what was going on. She lead them to an abandoned inn in Callestan where a secret, illegal den was to be found, the Silvermist. The halfling at the door recognized Tayla and let her and her friends in. The doorman told her that Jameson was in his room and that she should be “active” in waking him up, since he owed the doorman 5 gallifars.
Walking down a long hallway with numerous rooms coming off the hallway. Doorways covered with multicolored diaphonous Aereni silk that had men and women of various races partaking of the narcotic dream lily. At the end of the hall were two scantilly clad halfling were coming out of, the room belonging to Jameson Silvertongue was found. Jameson was sprawled out over a small half couch with only his shorts on. Tayla knocked the couch over, waking the halfling gangster up. He jumped to his feet, still not wearing pants and greated Tayla with a too-friendly smile.
Tayla explained the situation to her “friend” as he put his pants back on. Jameson listened intently to the situation and then he might know a thing or two about the murders that have gone on near his places of business. He slide an expensive looking metal platter around with his winning smile. The majority of the group didn’t seem to understand why he was sliding this platter around while Tayla just sighed and Sin smiled knowingly.
After being paid a 7 or so gold gallifars he let the party know what he knew; the bodies are falling from skybridges in the higher district after they were killed, and that a group of “Cyran avengers” were hold up in one of the warehouses of the Precarious district. He didn’t have information on the specific warehouse but he could find out the exact location for a reasonable amount of coin, say 15 gallifars. Sin counter-offered and Jameson countered the counter-offer but Tayla helped settle things with an “offer” of her own. She wouldn’t break various body parts or cut them off with her sharrash, which Sin kindly pointed out had cut a warforged soldier in half. Jameson “agreed” to do the job for 10 gallifars. With that settled he offered to send his information to the Jorasco Enclave, where Tayla lived. Seeming hesitant that House Jorasco would know of her other “friends” Tayla seemed to lose some of that threatening demeanor. With that damn smile, Jameson told them to return tomorrow as he would have the information by then.
Heading out from the Silvermist den, the group decided to head to their homes for the night. While heading home Tayla decided to stop at the Jorasco Healing House nearest to where the bodies were found. There the young apprentice healer greated Tayla and Tayla inquired about the bodies. The young halfling was more than helpful, however, the records on the human bodies and the bodies themselves, including the elven one, had been confiscated by the King’s Citadel. They did still have the record of the Valenar elf’s examination;

The headless elven body shows evidence, in tattoo decorations and build and clothing, of being of the Elves of Valenar. The male body was brought in by some members of the Sharn Watch late in the night. The majority of the body showed bruising indicating that he suffered a serious beating with implements such as clubs, saps and/or truncheons. The guards of the Watch that brought in the body said that they had nothing to do with the beating, when I inquired about the obvious bruises. The bruising patterns and coloration indicate that the beating occurred somewhere between 12 to 24 hours prior to death.
bq). The cut to the elf’s neck is seriously charred and cauterized. There are burn patterns that go down the neck and shoulders that indicate the cauterization occurred with something other than fire or just heat. The scorch markings seem to be, in my opinion, caused by some implement enchanted with lightning. Additionally, the cut itself is clean. The neck was severed between the vertebrae of the neck and seems to have been done with one cut. The blade that did this, in my opinion, was either enchanted or made with a metal that has special cutting properties.

Gaphi d’Jorasco

With this information and the bells ringing the first hour of the night, Tayla headed back to her home at the Jorasco Enclave. With only a minor incident involving a mugger not understanding the meaning of the Talenta hunt-mask.
Around the middle of the day a House Orien courier delivered a thick envelope to Relic at the Maidera Craftworks. In the envelope was a long list of names from Greykell ir’Ryc, as promised. These names also included personal notes and opinions of the Laughing Wolf herself on these would be Cyran avengers. The majority of them are heavy drinkers filled with idea and intentions that sound good to the other like minded drinkers. The majority are violent drunks that are only a danger to their families or inanimate objects. None of the people in High Walls are actually the type to organize a group of violent and dangerous people. She was sorry she couldn’t supply more help.
Sin got the information from Relic and decided to go and see if she could dig up someone who may have heard or seen something more. Heading to the districts above Greyflood, Callestan and Precarious. She spent a couple of hours spreading around gallifars, buying drinks and food for people trying to dig up some new information. During the corse of her information gathering she meet a shady gnome named, Davron with a taste for good food and an occupation that has him out in the dead of night. Buying a fine meal for herself and her new gnome friend at Ghallanda Hall. During the meal Davron told his tale of the night he saw several tall men, maybe women he couldn’t tell, who were wearing cloaks. Dark cloaks. They were hauling, or maybe helping, a man toward a skybridge in Middle Dura. They hauled the man toward the middle of the skybridge and said some words to him as he was kneeling on the bridge. (Davron wasn’t going to get close to these men, so he couldn’t hear what was said, but he did smell an opportunity.) After they finished saying what they had to say there was a flash of lightning from the vicinity of the cloaked men. After which they pitched the man off of the skybridge and went to the other side of the skybridge. Once it was all clear Davron went to see what may or may not have been left.
Sin requested that Davron show her the skybridge that the man had been pitched from, after desert of course. Davron led her to the skybridge, after desert, where she could see the body could have landed in the Greyflood or Precarious districts, depending on the wind or angle he was tossed. Davron did mention he found something when he investigated the area. He handed Sin a piece of dark-gray cloth with brass rank markings on it. Specifically, Cyran brass rank markings.
Meanwhile, Rune and Rose and Tayla arrived at the Craftworks later, to discuss their next moves and when to go and see Jameson. Sin arrived later and after comparing notes they went to talk to Jameson at around 8 bells, or so.
The door halfling let them in to see Jameson, commenting that the warforged may not enjoy the pleasures of the Silvermist. Jameson was waiting for the party, fully dressed this time, with the promised information. He was just waiting for the rest of his coin before divulging what he learned. Once he was properly paid up, Jameson gave the party a piece of paper with an address in Precarious and that he had overheard the name Ballard with mention of a rank, Captain. The party left the Silvermist and Jameson and Rose wanted to go and talk to Greykell about this Captain Ballard, thinking she might have some information on who he is and why he is doing this.



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